The Foundations

Boring the holes for the concrete piles Heavy duty frame used in all of our garden studios

The key to the success of any building is a sound foundation.

You do not need to lay an ugly and expensive concrete slab - we take care of the foundation and it is included in the price. We just ask you to ensure the ground is reasonably flat and level.

Using our unique piling system, we drill a series of holes which are filled with concrete, levelled and capped.

If you have an old existing slab, we can use this instead of piles. Alternatively, if you have a mixture of part slab and part soil or grass, our base system allows us to bridge between the two.

Green Retreats' unique base system ensures your building is solidly and squarely supported. The building is kept clear of the ground, with a vented space under the building. The result is no rising damp, no nasty fungal smells and no condensation. Your Green Retreat will always be dry, no matter what the weather conditions.

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