Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the lead time on a typical garden room?ShowHide

A. Usually 6-10 weeks from enquiry to completion of the building.

Q. How long will it take to build?ShowHide

A. Usually 1 day for the base, 2-4 days for the building dependent upon size.

Q. What are the first steps?ShowHide

A. If you are interested in one of our products, contact us for a comprehensive brochure & pricelist, along with any additional queries you may have. We provide a free consultation service, allowing us to have a first hand look at your location, land and access. During this meeting, you are provided with samples of the building, and together we can design the exact garden room to suit your requirements.


Q. How should I leave my site?ShowHide

A. The site should be clear from all obstacles (i.e. trees/shrubs), with soil and grass if we are constructing the base. If you have an existing concrete slab for the base, this must be free of cracks and be a minimum of 4" deep.

Q. What access is required to the site?ShowHide

A. Ideally, we will need a clear access point (i.e side/rear access - with no height restrictions.) However we can use access points through a house, as long as it’s a relatively straight line with no tight corners.

Q. Do you require space around the building?ShowHide

A. We require at least 400mm from any obstacle or boundary around each side of the building.

Q. How does the structure sit on the floor?ShowHide

A. The garden room will sit on a fully galvanized steel frame, which is resistant to rust and separates the building from the ground. This prevents moisture rising through any natural materials, and provides airflow beneath the building, improving thermal efficiency and deterring weed growth and vermin.


Q. Do I require Planning Permission?ShowHide

A. Garden buildings are considered to be permitted development and do not require planning permission, provided certain conditions are met. All of our garden rooms are under the 2.5m height restriction and can be sited near a boundary.

Q. What if I’m in a conservation area?ShowHide

A. Not a problem, as long as your garden room is constructed at the rear of the property, you don’t usually require planning permission.

Q. How close can I put the building from my boundary?ShowHide

A. Our buildings are constructed of substantially non-combustible material, so you only need to leave 400mm clearance to the boundary - this allows our installation teams to construct your new garden room.


Q. How do I manage weeds and plant life under and around the building?ShowHide

A. Because we create a dark, dry air space underneath the building, nothing will grow. The 400mm space around the building will allow you to access all points around the structure, to take up any weeds/creepers.

Q. Does the timber need treating?ShowHide

A. We use Norwegian spruce from sustainable forests, grown slowly over an 80-year period. The wood is very dense, straight and it is not prone to warping or splitting. The wood is pressure treated using a tanalising process with a non toxic, non hazardous preservative. This provides a 60 year life expectancy and we guarantee the entire building for 10 years.

Q. Can I paint/stain the outside of my building?ShowHide

A. The building will not need painting or staining for 25 years. If you would like to change the colour, you can paint or stain your garden room with a water based substance, without damaging the protective properties in the wood.

Q. How secure are the doors & windows?ShowHide

A. Our windows and doors are double-glazed to BS7412 specification and feature Pilkington low e toughened glass - which also provides maximum thermal efficiency. All windows and doors are fitted with high security (insurance grade) multi point locks and bolts.

Q. Do I have to pay for different colour uPVC doors and windows?ShowHide

A. We offer a wide range of uPVC colours (click for options), all included in the basic price.

Q. Can I Have aluminum doors and windows?ShowHide

A. We have a large selection of aluminum units available, please ask for more details.


Q. How do I get electricity to my garden room?ShowHide

A. You can either use a full armored cable from your fuse box/ring main or IP Rated cable from an internal/external socket. Our fully trained Part P electricians can provide this service for an additional cost.

Q. What is the internal wall finish?ShowHide

A. The standard internal wall finishing is a white melamine, similar in appearance and texture to a plastered wall, whilst providing a durable, easy wipe surface. We can also plaster the walls for you - please ask for the additional information and pricing.

Q. Can I have dividing walls / separate rooms?ShowHide

A. Yes, we can install partition walls in any of our larger sized garden rooms. Please enquire for more details.

Q. Can I have a toilet and/or kitchen in my garden room?ShowHide

A. Yes, you can. We will liaise with a plumber to ensure that any necessary openings are in place, ready for the plumber to connect the required services.

Q. Can I have underfloor heating?ShowHide

A. Underfloor heating can be installed as an optional extra, however the heat retention properties of the floor in all of our garden rooms are so efficient, that it is not essential.

Q. How good is the sound proofing ?ShowHide

A. The sound proofing in a Green Retreats garden room is similar to that of a new house with premium double-glazing. To see and hear an example, please look at our video ..... "Click here for soundproofing video"


Q. How much deposit is required?ShowHide

A. We only require a £200 holding deposit upon order. Then a 50% deposit 5 weeks before your install date.

Q. When do I pay my final balance?ShowHide

A. We require the final balance once the building work has finished, and you have signed your garden room off as complete.

Q. Can I have a custom building?ShowHide

A. We will only build in a rectangular or square format; but we can build to any exact measurement you require (additional charges apply to all custom buildings).