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Whether you need a garden office, garden studio, chill out or lifestyle space, Green Retreats have a room for you. Our buildings are designed for use all year round, using a combination of the latest SIP panel technology and highly efficient Kingspan cavity insulation, combined with the finest quality, carefully selected, traditional and sustainable materials. Crafted to perfection in our UK factories and supplied to you directly at great prices, with total customer service and satisfaction from start to finish.

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Key features:

2.5m Height Externally ‐ Planning Permission Rarely Required

One of the many benefits of having a garden room built by Green Retreats is that you will rarely need to get planning permission.

When won't I need planning permission?

planning regulations heightMore often than not, you will not need planning permission for one of our garden buildings. We construct our buildings to the maximum external height of 2.5 meters, which is allowed within permitted development. We are able to construct your garden room up to a height of 3 meters, however, the building would either have to be situated 2 meters or more from your boundary, or you would have to apply for planning permission. Building regulations approval is not required because our buildings do not exceed 30m² internally.

Additionally, because our buildings are constructed using materials that are primarily made up of non‐combustible materials, we can construct your garden room as close to a boundary as you require; we just need 400mm from any obstacle for access & construction.

When might I need planning permission?

outbuildings guide planning portalThere are only a few occasions where you may need planning permission for a garden room. If you live in a listed building, a flat, maisonette or SSSI, you will need to get in touch with your local planning authority. Alternatively, if you know that you will need planning permission you can now simply apply online. If you live in an area of outstanding natural beauty or conservation area, you may not need planning permission for your garden room; however, you may need to apply for a ‘Lawful Development Certificate’ (LDC) instead, depending on the size and location of your garden room.

We have written a detailed article about planning permission in relation to our garden rooms, which you can read here. We also recommend reading the Official Planning Portal ‐ Outbuildings Guide.

We would be more than happy to discuss your questions about planning permission in more detail either over the phone on 01296 325777 or via email

A* Rated Pilkington K™ Double Glazing

In addition to the substantial amount of insulation used within the ceilings, walls and floor system within your garden room, we have worked hard to ensure that we source the most efficient and advanced double glazing available on the doors and windows.

We use Pilkington K Optiwhite™ double glazing, the UK's most recognised and trusted low‐e glass brand, which being ‘extra clear’ allows more light to enter into your garden room. The glass panels are also argon filled, which in conjunction with the warm edged plastic spacer bar, improves the overall U‐value (insulation value) of the window and garden room.

We recommend a visit to our Buckinghamshire showroom where you can step inside eleven different sizes and styles of garden buildings. You will also be shown around by a member of our knowledgeable team and get hands‐on with various materials and samples, including the glazing, so you can fully understand how we will construct your dream garden room.

Fully Insulated Double Foil‐Backed Kingspan

A garden room from Green Retreats is a space that you can use all year‐round, which is a cost‐effective, yet fully‐featured solution to a brick‐built outbuilding or traditional house extension. To achieve this, we've developed a rigorously tested solution using Kingspan insulation throughout the building within the floor, wall and ceiling panels. We custom build our wall panels at our 30,000ft² factory and showroom, using double foil‐backed Kingspan to achieve maximum insulation values, exceeding those of prefabricated SIP panels.

As the leading manufacturer and supplier of garden rooms in the UK, we at Green Retreats ensure that we use the best materials from trusted suppliers such as Kingspan. Using these materials, your garden room is constructed solely by us, from the initial phases at our factory through to the final installation at your property, ensuring complete quality control throughout.

Insulated Structural Steel Roof System

Our structural steel roof system comprised Kingspan highly insulated composite panels that run from front to back on your garden room. The roof has a 4 degree pitch from front to back to ensure good water flow into full‐sized guttering, which runs along the back of your building and is included as standard. The downpipe can be placed on the left, right or centrally at the back of your garden room, ideally so water can run into a soakaway or water butt. If you have a water butt we can fit this for you during your installation free of charge.

In addition to its excellent thermal properties, the roof is also extremely strong, and will support your weight if you want to stand on it to clear any leaves from the top of your garden building.

Your garden room roof is packed full of a thick 80mm layer of Kingspan insulation to ensure maximum thermal efficiency. The interior panel is finished in a white power‐coated steel that will complement your own personal tastes when it comes to furnishing your Green Retreat. You can also opt for a full plastered finish on the walls and ceiling, which includes plaster boarding, edging, skimming, skirting boards and recessed sockets throughout. We also offer a painting service at an additional cost.

Solid White Melamine Inner Wall Lining

The interior finish on your building is an important aspect for both practical and aesthetic reasons. The standard finish of the interior walls of your garden room is a 15mm thick, maintenance free, double‐backed melamine board that offers a contemporary finish.

You can also opt for a full plastered finish on the walls and ceiling, which includes plaster boarding, edging, skimming and recessed sockets throughout. We also offer an interior painting service at an additional cost for your plastered garden room.

The walls are capable of holding picture frames and shelving, which you are able to secure directly into the melamine panels. There are also studs located at 1‐meter intervals, which will allow you to screw in and secure heaver items within your building. You can also mount televisions and other very heavy items within your garden room, just let us know in advance where you would like to do this so we can reinforce the panels and stud work to allow for the extra weight free of charge.

You can discuss your requirements with our friendly and knowledgeable team on 01296 325777 or via email

Heavily Insulated Steel Floor Panel Base System

At Green Retreats we use a modern, yet tried and trusted solution for your garden room foundation system and base. Our unique pile foundation system combined with our heavily insulated, steel floor panels will ensure that your garden room is level and structurally sound.

When our installation team are on site, we will drill 150-200mm wide and approximately 300-400mm deep holes using an auger. We are able to vary the depth and/or surface area of the piles as required to suit different soil types and densities (which will be analysed during your free site survey and design consultation).

Once the holes have been drilled, concrete is poured into each hole to create a custom pile, upon which a heavy duty capping slab is placed to create a flat surface. Composite pads of specific thicknesses are used in conjunction with a laser level to ensure that your floor is perfectly flat.

Your composite insulated floor panels are moved into place and elevated off of the ground by the foundation system. This step improves the overall thermal efficiency of your garden room by 10%, whilst also eliminating any possibility of moisture build up. Your floor panels contain 80mm of thick, high performance Kingspan insulation, a material that we use throughout the building in varying sizes to ensure that it is thermally efficient.

The innovative pile foundation system, combined with the steel floor panel system allows for a load bearing capability of approximately 400kg uniformly distributed per square meter, ideal for placing heavy gym equipment, sofas and other heavy items inside. This can be increased if required, for example to hold exceptionally heavy machinery.

Zero Maintenance Garden Rooms

At Green Retreats, we understand that your garden room should not only look great in your garden space, but also be a practical investment. We’ve worked hard to ensure that both the traditional and engineered materials that we use to build your garden room are either minimal or completely maintenance free. As standard, your Green Retreat will be externally clad in sustainably sourced and tanalised FSC certified Norwegian Spruce timber, which you will never have to treat. The timber will simply mature in colour with age and the integrity of the wood will not be affected. To cater to everyone's tastes, we also supply a Honey Spruce timber, which is tanalised in the same way, yet dyed to offer a warmer, darker hue to your garden room. You can choose to have your building clad in Honey Spruce at an additional cost.

We also offer an upgrade to a beautiful cedar wood with which you can choose to clad as many or as few elevations of your garden building as you wish. The cedar cladding can be left untreated, which won't affect the integrity of the wood, but it will begin to silver quickly. If you wish to retain the attractive hues of the cedar, you can apply a layer of Osmo oil once every six months to the surface, which is available from any good hardware store.

We have built over 5000 garden buildings nationwide using materials that have a minimum of a 30-year life, so we are confident to offer a comprehensive guarantee on our garden rooms. Please visit our terms and conditions page to learn more about our guarantee.

We are more than happy to discuss any questions regarding the maintenance of your garden room or the guarantee that we offer over the phone on 01296 325777 or via email

Double French Doors & Opening Windows

We include a 2.3m French door / window combi and an opening window as standard on your garden building at no extra cost. You can of course upgrade to various other sizes and styles of French doors, sliding doors or bi‐folding doors and also increase the number of windows and doors on your building. You can design your ideal garden room using our 3D configurator, where you will be able to select the style and size of your building, plus much more. You can submit your design to us for an accurate, no obligation quotation.

We offer various different trim styles on your doors and windows at no extra cost to you. All of our uPVC finishes are in graphite, black, dark oak and light oak, ensuring that your garden room will suit your personal tastes and the overall style of your garden. To help with these decisions, we recommend you book a free no‐obligation site survey and design consultation with one of our team.

We would be more than happy to discuss your requirements over the phone on 01296 325777 or via email

Sustainably Sourced & Treated Materials

As a company who have built over 5000 garden rooms and are continuing to grow, Green Retreats are always looking at new and innovative ways to ensure that the materials we use are sustainable and the process of construction is as efficient as possible. All of our timber is sustainably sourced and treated using a non‐toxic, natural preservative to ensure that it's as ecologically sound as possible, whilst ensuring that the building quality is not compromised.

Our factory and showroom is also based within a facility that is home to over 6,102 solar panels over an area of 10 acres, one of the largest‐scale solar installations in the UK. This means that the electricity used to power the heavy machinery and tools to construct your garden room is from renewable sources.

We strive to minimise wastage, whilst maximising the amount of recycled goods within our manufacturing process. Working closely with Bucks Recycling who are also based within the same facility, ensures that our recycling process is as efficient as possible.

We also use a large fleet of Mercedes Benz vans to load and deliver the modular panels, glass and all of the other elements of your garden room. These vehicles have been voted as best in their class for emissions.

Built as Close to a Boundary as Required

We understand that space can often be at a premium, so we've developed a system to ensure that your garden room can be built in an area of your garden that suits both the size and specification you require.

Our buildings are constructed primarily from non‐combustible materials, which means that your building can be placed as close to a boundary as you would like. We simply require 400mm from any obstacle so our installation teams can manoeuvre around your building for construction purposes. If you have removable fence panels, and these can be removed prior to installation, we will be able to construct your building up against your boundary.

We recommend that you book a free no‐obligation site survey with one of our expert team. One of our surveyors will visit your property and help you decide on the ideal size and placement of your building in your garden. We would be happy to discuss your requirements over the phone on 01296 325777 or via email on

Unique Concrete Pile Foundations

One week prior to your installation date, the foundations are drilled and capped using our unique concrete pile foundations, which are engineered to ensure your building is absolutely level and fully supported. We have developed a tried and tested system over the 12 years that we have been operating, and have absolute confidence in it.

We believe that the installation of your garden room should be as straightforward as possible. We simply ask that your site is clear of trees, shrubs and loose slabs to create a level site, with less than 150mm undulation. We can construct on slopes, although additional ground work charges may apply. You can contact us for more details regarding your site with any queries you might have.

We would be happy to visit you at your property for a free, no‐obligation site survey with one of our expert team who can discuss your site to discuss your site and garden room ideas.

Professionally Tested Cavity Wired Electrics

Within the wall panels of your Green Retreat is an air gap, which from your perspective will creates yet another insulating layer within your garden room. This air gap is also used to house your professionally tested cavity wired electrics, which are included as standard as part of your building shell price.

Included as part of the standard electrics is your 2‐way consumer unit, three double sockets, a set of contemporary track lights or two spotlights. You can of course opt to include more sockets and lights to suit you. Simply design your building using the industry leading 3D configurator which you can use to select as many or as few additional items as you wish.

Our professionally trained and Part P certified electricians who operate under Elecsa standards can connect your Green Retreat to the electric supply. The electrical connection from the house to your garden room will incur an additional cost, which we can accurately quote for you during your site survey. If you have any queries regarding the internal electrics or the connection to your house, call us on 01296 325777 or email

All Weather Indoor Showroom

All weather indoor showroom

Come and visit our 30,000 sq. ft production facility with its large purpose built indoor showroom, showcasing an extensive range of garden rooms.

Visitors to our Westcott showroom will be eligible for a £200 voucher that is redeemable against any building purchase.

Why not take a look at our interactive virtual garden room showroom before you come and see us?

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