Where can I put my garden room?

Garden Room LocationMore often than not, you will not need planning permission for one of our garden buildings and you will not require building regulation approval.

Planning permission regulations were revised and relaxed in October 2008, and with that the permitted development rights were amended. The design and installation of our garden rooms mean that they fall within permitted development, and as such generally do not require planning permission.

In a typical English residential property, planners class garden room buildings as an outbuilding in much the same way a greenhouse, shed or pool house would be. Therefore, providing certain conditions are met, your garden room will be considered to be permitted development.

Generally Speaking

Our buildings are built using substantially non-combustible materials, meaning that we can construct your garden room as close to a boundary as you require; we just need 400mm from any obstacle for access and construction.

Extended height option garden rooms:

We are able to construct your garden room up to a height of 3 metres, however, the building would either have to be situated 2 metres or more from your boundary, or you would have to apply for planning permission.

Listed buildings, flats, maisonettes or SSSIs

If you live in a listed building, a flat, maisonette or SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest), you will need to get in touch with your local planning authority and acquire planning permission. Please don’t let this put you off as the planning process is relatively simple, and we can provide the CAD drawings that you will require, as well as all the information about materials used as part of our process.

AONB and Conservation Areas

If you live in an AONB (area of outstanding natural beauty) or Conservation Area you are still in a position to possibly avoid planning permission. Garden rooms in these areas are subject to the same rules as other outbuildings - so long as they are built behind the principle rear line of the original house, as it stood in 1948.

AONB differ to Conservation Areas in that garden room buildings up to 30m2 are allowed as long as they are within 20m from the original house.

The combined internal floor area of all buildings further than 20m from the original house must not exceed 10m2. For example, if you already have a 4m2 shed in, you would only be able to add an additional 6m2 garden room.

You may wish to apply for a ‘Lawful Development Certificate’ (LDC) as evidence that your garden room is permitted on your property.

Greenbelt land

Living in a Greenbelt area does not affect your permitted development rights, and as such you will generally not require planning permission for your garden room.

We recommend reading the Planning Portal - Outbuildings Guide to help make any of the official details and guidelines clearer.

Alternatively, if you know that you will need planning permission you can now simply apply online.

We would be more than happy to discuss your questions about planning permission in more detail either over the phone on 01296 325777 or via email: hello@greenretreats.co.uk.

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