A creativity space for your children

One of the quickest growing uses of garden rooms is as additional space for the children to play. Families quickly grow out of space and as children transition from going to bed at 7pm, leaving their parents to pick the television for the evening, it’s not long before those young children become teenagers, desperate to watch their own shows and have their friends round at the same time.

Where one living room was previously sufficient, you’re now left wishing you had at least three. This is where a garden room can help. Our fully insulated garden buildings provide you with another room in the garden and there is nowhere better to give your children somewhere to let off steam.

The insulation within the Green Retreats range means the buildings can be used all year round, even in the coldest winter days. With a huge choice of internal doors, and windows you can create an airy and welcoming room to store a huge range of toys, computer equipment and even sofa beds for sleepovers with friends.

Buildings can be kitted out with flat screen televisions on the walls, sofas and even a pool or table tennis table to provide entertainment all year round. The sound insulation within the buildings helps to ensure that you and your neighbours won’t be disturbed by them, but as your children are still located within your garden you can still keep an eye on them and make sure they are safe.

Insurance grade locks on both our sliding and patio doorsets mean you can be sure their games consoles and televisions are locked away safely when the rooms are not in use. We also use a vapour barrier membrane which is wrapped around all of our garden rooms. This will help any moisture leave the room, and prevent damp ingress, allowing you to leave computer equipment and paperwork in the room throughout the four seasons.

Many families looking to move to create more space will often find that the cost of stamp duty alone is more expensive than installing a garden playroom and that installing a building in the garden in a more cost effective way of creating more space without having to move house.

Garden room playroom

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