The perfect place for music lovers to be creative

A music studio in the garden is an ideal place to practice your instruments without bothering other members of the family and neighbours. Our music studios are great for playing to your heart’s content, where you feel most inspired, and at comfort amongst the peace and discretion of your own home.

Our music studios can also be installed with our acoustic pack, which includes an upgraded insulation, designed to absorb sound leaving and coming into the room, acoustic plasterboard and rubber matting on the floors. This pack will further reduce the decibel levels heard outside the building.

We also offer the option of having laminated glass in the buildings, which will reduce the sound leakage through the glass by around 30%. In any building, the largest proportion of sound leakage comes through the glass so we also offer buildings without any windows, and with a solid uPVC door instead or a fully glazed door.

Play the video below, to experience the sound proofing qualities of our buildings; it shows a Pinnacle building with our acoustic pack.

Green Retreats Sound Proofing Demo Video

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