2021 Goals: How a garden room can help you achieve your goals

1st January 2021

How a garden room can help you achieve your 2021 New Years Resolution goals


The New Year is a fresh start.

It’s only really when we look at the last year in review that any of us generally feel the need to make some changes. A New Year is a great opportunity to draw a link and look back at what could be done differently. 2020 was a difficult time for the entire world, so I think we’re all in favour of drawing a line and moving on if we can.

new year 2020

Many people don’t believe in New Years Resolutions, and we understand why. Generally, the view is that you shouldn’t put off making positive changes in your life by waiting until a New Year… but hey, since we’re here any way we might as well make the most of the fresh calendar and make changes for the better! There’s no time like the present after all!


Thinking forward to warmer climates…

January is not only a time where people think about the changes they want to make throughout the year, but it’s also the time when we look forward to the warmer weather, summer holidays, and getting back out in the garden. This is why at Green Retreats we start to get really busy as soon as January rolls around.

insulated garden rooms

To help our customers with both their New Years Resolutions and to help with their garden plans ready for the warmer weather, we thought we would explore how a garden room can help you achieve your New Year resolution goals.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to dive into some of the top resolutions and how our garden room buildings can help.


We’re going to explore:


1. Fitness & Wellbeing

The number one new year’s resolution is anything health, fitness and wellbeing related.
After the festive period is over this is something that a lot of us actually look forward to! This year more than ever we are finding that fitness and wellbeing is going to be more important, with most of the country having been in a state of lockdown for so much of 2020.

Modern home gym

For this topic we will look in detail at how a garden gym can help you achieve your fitness goals.



2. Hobbies & Keeping Busy

Keeping busy is something that we were all encouraged to do during the 2020 lockdowns. There is no reason why now that things are looking brighter for that year that this can’t continue! Making time to do something you enjoy is super important for your wellbeing – so don’t stop now!


A garden studio could be the extra space you need to focus on your hobby and stop it from cluttering you day-to-day life.


3. Starting your own Home Business

You might have noticed that many small businesses have been formed off the back of people having the time to pursue their hobbies in 2020, and what a success story that is! Imagine doing what you love and getting paid to do it.

If you have a hobby but have a particular skill or a trade where you can go it alone, maybe now is the time to make the leap and work for yourself. There are so many businesses that you can run from home and make a living from. More time with your loved ones, flexible hours, and being your own boss – now wouldn’t that be great.

garden office room

To make space to work from home efficiently, a garden office building could be the key!


Keep checking back over January to see how a garden room can help you achieve your New Years Resolutions. We will be sharing hints and tips as well as real customer case studies where their garden room has contributed to a positive life change.


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