5 Top Tips to Achieve Your Health & Wellness Goals

10th January 2022

We’ve asked our friends at Velvaere Studios who are gym fit-out specialists to put together their top tips to help you achieve your health and wellness goals this year. You might have seen the ultimate garden gym interior they created for us at our Buckinghamshire Showroom. Scroll down to our first photo to see it!

If you need some inspiration to keep striving to your goals, read on! 



5 Tips to Achieve your Health and Wellness goals

Author: Morgan Beilby – MD Velvaere

January can be an amazing time of the year, a fresh start and a chance to work off some of those pounds gained over the Christmas period. New Year’s goals can be a great way to get back on track with your wellness journey.

95% of all resolutions are fitness and health-related, however, 43% are expected to give up on their resolutions by February, and just 10% believe they will be sticking to their resolutions come April! With the right mindset and tips, we know you can do better than that!

At Velvaere we are committed to assisting you with your health and wellbeing goals so here is a quick guide on how to smash your new year’s resolution goals!


interior of garden gym to encourage health and wellness


1. Prioritise

It can be tempting to try to change every aspect of your life or work on every area of your health and fitness at once, but if you set too many goals too soon, it will be hard to be able to commit 100% to each one. By picking one area to focus on you can begin your fitness journey at your own pace and set yourself more realistic goals, perhaps you could get into a routine of working on this one specific area that could carry over and assist you in other areas when you are ready to progress.

A Technogym smart bike or treadmill would be ideal as you can start at your own pace with the option to choose the degree of difficulty, track your progress and get into a routine which will help when working on more than one area of your wellness.

garden gym with exercise bike and treadmill


2. Do it with friends

One way to increase the likelihood of you reaching your goals is by exercising with a friend who is trying to reach the same or similar goal. By going on a fitness journey with a friend or as part of a group, you will be less likely to quit as you will be having more fun and you can actively encourage and motivate each other. It could also help you reach your goals quicker as there may be an element of competitiveness between you and your friend which could result in you working harder.

Why not impress them too with a stunning, fully kitted-out garden gym studio!

garden gym with people working out


3. Track progress

Tracking and measuring your progress is another helpful tool to use so that you stick to your health and wellness goals, having something to measure against enables you to see your progress and motivate you by seeing how far you have come. Photos, weight charts and fitness tracker technology are all useful tools to help track progress and compare results.

garden gym with man taking care of his health and wellness


4. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Although at Velvaere we encourage you to stick to your fitness journey no matter the obstacles, we also understand that unfortunately sometimes life gets in the way. Family, health and work-related issues can take priority over resolutions and we realise that first and foremost you must take care of those who you care about and also your own mental health.

So, if you don’t end up reaching your goals don’t be too hard on yourself, life happens. However, ask yourself why you couldn’t reach your goals this time around and make note of anything you could do differently next time around.


5. Start small and build up

You know your body and you know what you are capable of. Of course, the end goal of resolutions is to push your limits and expand what you’re capable of, but often when people ask too much of themselves early on and find it too hard it can be very easy to give up on their resolution.

Therefore, we would recommend you start small by setting yourself some realistic targets to achieve in the first couple months of the year and if these go well slowly build up the degree of difficulty of your targets. This will require some patience as you will not see results straight away but when short-term goals are in sight it can be much more motivating than setting the bar too high. It’s all about the small wins that amount to long-term gains.

home gym with rowing machine and punchbag with LED lighting



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