An Educational Retreat

26th February 2020

Alternative Learning

At Green Retreats we are constantly thinking of ways to think outside the box. That certainly doesn’t stop with ways in which our garden rooms can be used. We fully encourage new ways of learning and thinking, which is why we’re taking education and not only taking it outside the box but outside the building too.

The whole purpose of an outdoor classroom is to allow for an alternative, ‘outdoor’ working environment. This means being prepared for all weather conditions. We use the highest quality materials and unrivalled design to create a year-round classroom which is also cost-effective.

Our Guarantee

There are many benefits to purchasing a garden classroom from Green Retreats. Not only are our buildings zero maintenance and they also come with a 12-year guarantee and are designed to have a 30+ year life-span. With Green Retreats, we also guarantee a professional installation process. Our expertise means we are able to build our garden rooms in 2-5 days, which means are we able to cause as little disruption as possible.

Our superior construction methods mean that our buildings are suitable for year-round use. Our roofs are made from all-weather exposed steel elements which means they are 100% weatherproof and exceptionally strong. Our doors and windows are supplied by industry-leading providers. They are double glazed and have exceptional thermal retention. All of our buildings come, as standard, with an wall-mounted filled radiator, with the option to upgrade to convector heaters, underfloor heating or air conditioning units, depending on your needs.

Classroom Layout

It is a known fact that certain classroom layouts work best for certain situations and even from lesson to lesson. It is important to think of how you lay your classroom out so all students can benefit from your class. Can all students see the board? Do you need your students to be able to discuss in groups? Can you move around freely to help students with any problems? All important things to consider, along with many other factors. If you’re not sure what layout works best for you and your lesson, we’d suggest giving this blog a read.

It is also important to consider the furniture you buy for your classrooms. Considering the layout of your classroom is a good place to start as then you will be able to easily decide what sort of desk and seating arrangement will work best for your layout. Rectangualr tables are great for groups of four students working in groups. Trapezoidal tables are a fun way to bring some creativity into your layout as they can be arranged in a number of ways. Do your students require desk storage? Why not consider tables with tray drawers . Seating is also an important factor. If students do not feel comfortable, they will be less inclined to concentrate on your class. If your classroom is used for multiple lessons, consider stackable chairs which can be moved into a corner when not required.

Outdoor classroom

An outdoor classroom from Green Retreats creates a unique learning and teaching environment which allows for more focus, concentration and creativity.

The Benefits

Many schools have been embracing the opportunity to introduce outdoor classrooms. Creating an outside learning facility has many benefits.

  • On top of the obvious benefit of creating more space, many schools have found that dedicated outdoor classrooms create an opportunity for more one-to-one teaching.
  • Taking children outside of the traditional learning environment has shown to improve concentration and motivation.
  • Outdoor classrooms are as close to the great outdoors as you need to be, while still being protected from the elements.
  • The classrooms are multifunctional. Uses range from; meeting rooms to art rooms, drama rooms to sensory rooms and so on.

Truly Green

Green is not only in our name but also in our policies. Adding a Green Retreats classroom to your school will help to improve your green credentials, with our eco-friendly buildings. This ensures that you have the resources in place to future-proof your school.

Our buildings are highly practical, sustainable and efficient and an outstanding investment. Designed for a 30-year life, our buildings are completely maintenance-free and include a 12-year guarantee.

Building with Green Retreats is easy as our buildings can go up in just 5 days, meaning as little disruption as possible! Why not request your free brochure if you or someone you know are interested in an outdoor education building.

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Building Measurements

You can get a great idea of how your new garden office will look by using the 360 degree rotating viewer.

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