The Benefits of a Home Art Studio

The Benefits of a Home Art Studio

One thing all artists can agree on, whether amateur or professional is that having space is a big priority. Space is not only necessary to be able to sprawl out and store supplies but having physical space also clears the mind and allows creativity to flow.

Space Creating

The benefits of a home art studio in the form of a garden building, are endless. Whether art is your hobby or whether you are a professional artist, many of us seek additional space in the form of a spare bedroom or the kitchen table but this is not a viable option long term. Garden buildings offer the ultimate solution as they create a space that can be used solely for your art. Our garden rooms can be built to various size configurations and all sizes are based on internal floor measurements. This will ensure you are receiving the most usable space.

Exterior of an Inspiration art studio

Financial Investment

The cost of renting an art studio or even just space in a studio can add up to thousands of pounds a year. With rent prices increasing every year, many artists cannot justify the cost of paying for their own studio space. While buying a garden art studio can be a pricey upfront cost, it is important to remember that once you have committed, that’s it! It’s your space to keep without having to pay rent. If the financial commitment is a daunting prospect, there are a few ways you can ease the cost. We now offer flexible finance options on all garden rooms. Finance options allow you to explore the options of spreading the cost of your garden room over 3, 4 or 5 years in monthly instalments. Alternatively, you can rent your home art studio to other artists which also allows for the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals.

£20 notes

Helping the Environment

There are many benefits to owning your garden studio. Not having to commute to a rented studio space not only saves, time and money but is also a great move towards reducing your carbon footprint. Not only would you be helping the reduce your carbon footprint but by having a smaller garden studio instead of renting space in a large shared studio, you are also helping to reduce energy consumption. Rest assured that buying a garden building from Green Retreats will not cause damage to the environment, as we take our responsibility seriously. Materials used in the production of our garden rooms is eco-friendly and sustainable with elements of our construction being ‘second-life’, meaning they have been recycled to make composites that is strong and durable. Have a read through our environmental policy for more info.

Exterior of Inspiration art studio in a landscaped garden

Additional Storage

Additional space also means you will have somewhere to store all your supplies. Not all artists work the same and while some may just need a good stock or paints, others may work across multi-media and need more space to store larger supplies. Garden rooms allow you to add as much or as little storage as you require and can even be partitioned to create a designated storage room. Consider sets of drawers such as this solid Mango Wood industrial cabinet, which are deep enough to store any large artwork flat, avoiding creases. If you are a painter, you will understand the importance of drying racks where you can safely leave your wet artwork without the fear of smudges. Consider multiple surfaces where you can work on different projects without having to shift things around.

Interior of an art studio

Work Alone or Collaboratively

Allowing yourself to have a space to lock yourself away and get creative can be just as important as sharing space with other creatives. Depending on how you work, being on your own can be a liberating experience for many artists. It’s easy to be influenced by other artists which can stifle your creativity. A private art studio allows you to become content with yourself and allows for your best creative work. Alone does not have to mean lonely and with an art studio in your garden, you have the opportunity to pop back into the house whenever you please and also allow the opportunity for others to visit your space without having to be in your artistic space constantly. Alternatively, if you are a creative who thrives off of other people’s artistic energy, why not create a space where you can invite other artists to work collaboratively?

Paint brushes in a glass jar

Why not get in touch with us to find out how we can help you build your garden room and start reaping the benefits of a home art studio. You can request a brochure here. Our brochure provides all the details you will need to browse our range of garden rooms from the comfort of your home. Alternatively, you book a site survey and design consultation to ensure your plot is suitable and assist you in designing your perfect space.

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