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Garden room bar

Get £1,000 OFF* August Installation Dates!
Posted On 18th June 2024 | Blog, Events & Offers, Informative,

Get £1,000 OFF* August installation dates

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garden office ideas 2024

Garden Office Ideas
Posted On 16th June 2024 | Garden Office,

If making space inside your home is a no go (no room, too loud, too...

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Green basebox garden room cheap garden office pod

Cheap Garden Office Pod
Posted On 10th June 2024 | Blog, Garden Room,

Transform your home with a cheap garden office pod

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A garden room on a patio in the back of the garden

How much is a garden room? And what’s included?
Posted On 9th June 2024 | Garden Room, Blog, FAQ,

Find out how much a garden room costs and what's included in the price with...

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garden office pods with a curved corner design

Garden Office Pods
Posted On 3rd June 2024 | Garden Office,

Garden office pods create the perfect working-from-home environment, promoting productivity in a peaceful office space...

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insulated garden rooms

Insulated Garden Rooms
Posted On 1st June 2024 | Garden Room, FAQ, Informative,

Insulated garden rooms can be used all-year-round, even in the coldest winter months, as a...

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customer work from home with her dog sitting in a garden art room

How to Work from Home
Posted On 25th May 2024 | Garden Office, Blog,

We’ve seen our customers use our garden rooms in many wonderful ways such as garden...

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An arial shot of a luxury garden room in a modern landscaped garden

An expert view to garden design ideas – In conversation with Lucy Bravington
Posted On 6th May 2024 | Garden Room, FAQ, Home Improvement,

Garden rooms are a great investment to your home and lifestyle. A quality garden room...

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affordable garden rooms by Green Retreats in their Buckinghamshire showroom

Affordable garden rooms on a budget
Posted On 22nd April 2024 | Blog, Garden Room,

Are you looking to achieve your home improvement goals on a budget? Well look no...

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Luxury garden room at the bottom of a narrow garden

How much value does a garden room add?
Posted On 20th April 2024 | Garden Room, FAQ, Home Improvement,

Garden rooms are a great investment to your home and lifestyle. A quality garden room...

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Garden Bar Ideas Showing A Games Room Inside A Garden Room. Man Cave Bar Ideas

Man Cave Bar Ideas
Posted On 8th April 2024 | Man Cave,

Turn your man cave bar ideas into reality with a year-round use garden room made...

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close up pool table in a garden games room and man cave ideas

Man Cave Ideas | Creating space for fun at home
Posted On 4th April 2024 | Cinema Room, Garden Bar, Man Cave,

Turn your dream man cave ideas into reality in a garden room that is personalised...

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Three installers adding a roof to a garden room

Garden Room Installation | How long does it take to build?
Posted On 21st March 2024 | FAQ, Garden Room, Informative,

Planning your garden room is exciting and there is no doubt your first question is...

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A garden room with curved aspect

Range Refresh: Brand and Building Update 2024
Posted On 19th March 2024 | Blog, Business, Informative,

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Exterior of modern garden room gym with large bifold doors in manicured garden setting

Home Gym Ideas
Posted On 21st February 2024 | Home Gym, Wellbeing & Fitness,

Creating your own home gym is life-changing! Gone are the days of commuting to and...

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new bifold doors

New Door and Window Options!
Posted On 15th February 2024 | Blog, Company, FAQ,

We’ve developed these stunning new uPVC door and window options that are standard on a...

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A garden room with natural roof covering and solar panels

Solar Panels For Your Garden Room
Posted On 13th February 2024 | Blog, Garden Room,

Making the perfect garden room involves a blend of functionality and aesthetic allure. But what...

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work from home

Work from Home in 2024
Posted On 7th January 2024 | Garden Office,

Finding a space to work from home in 2024 is the top of the priority...

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Garden Bar and Games Room

Garden Room Ideas
Posted On 5th January 2024 | Garden Room,

We've created a list of the top 11 garden room ideas to get your creative juices...

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wooden garden room on a wooden deck.

7 Home and Garden Trends 2024
Posted On 4th January 2024 | Fun, Home Improvement, Wellbeing & Fitness,

Discover our key home and garden trends for 2024 to inspire your garden room project!

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garden room office for hybrid working

Why Garden Offices Are The Best Hybrid Working Solution!
Posted On 20th December 2023 | Garden Office, Hybrid Working,

Hybrid working has proven to be a highly popular model for businesses, reaping the benefits...

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Home office set up in small garden room painted grey

Working From Home | Our Customers and Their Garden Office
Posted On 3rd December 2023 | Informative, Blog, Business, FAQ, Garden Office, Garden Room,

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Ideal Home Show Christmas 2024

Ideal Home Show Christmas 2023!
Posted On 8th November 2023 | Events & Offers,

We are thrilled to announce that we will be exhibiting at the upcoming Ideal Home...

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What is a garden room? Front view of cedar clad garden room with sliding doors open to show wooden slatted wall and interior being used as office and lounge

What is a Garden Room?
Posted On 1st November 2023 | FAQ, Garden Room,

Discover more about what is a garden room and how these unique spaces can add...

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garden room home extension alternative

Extend Your House To Make Your Dream Home
Posted On 19th October 2023 | Informative,

Compare the traditional home extension options and discover garden rooms as the modern and cost-effective...

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Garden cinema to make space for Christmas

Space for Christmas | Garden Rooms
Posted On 16th October 2023 | Garden Room,

Make space for Christmas with a Garden Room that can be transformed into the ultimate...

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garden office sheds exterior in a customer garden

Garden Office Sheds
Posted On 7th October 2023 | Garden Office,

Garden office sheds have grown to be a popular option for Green Retreats customers, emerging...

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home improvement garden office to work from home

Garden Rooms For Home Improvement
Posted On 25th September 2023 | Blog, FAQ, Garden Room, Informative, News,

With house prices increasing, sellers are rushing to the market to get a higher price...

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small garden offices

Small Garden Offices
Posted On 23rd September 2023 | Blog, Garden Office,

Garden offices are a modern way to create a professional workspace; all in the comfort...

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Luxury garden room extension building in countryside

Garden Room Extension
Posted On 18th September 2023 | Informative, Garden Room, Home Improvement,

If you are looking to make more space at home you should consider whether a...

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Garden Bar Ideas For Your Home.

Garden Bar Ideas | Creating Space for Outdoor Entertaining
Posted On 15th September 2023 | Blog, Garden Bar,

Garden bars are a fun and exciting space to add to your home! Staying in...

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fully insulated garden office interior with desk and workspace

Top 6 Insulated Garden Office Benefits
Posted On 11th September 2023 | Blog, Garden Office,

An insulated garden office is a must-have for any household; whether you’re a hybrid worker...

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sliding slatted screen in interior showroom

New! Garden Room with Slatted Screen
Posted On 1st September 2023 | Blog, Garden Room,

Making the perfect garden room involves a blend of functionality and aesthetic allure. But what...

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London Garden Rooms to save space and money in the city

London Garden Rooms: Create More Space In The City!
Posted On 29th August 2023 | Blog, Garden Office,

Living in one of the UK's most densely populated cities means the struggle for space...

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garden games room ideas featuring a pool table, dart board and pinball machine

Top 4 Garden Games Room Ideas
Posted On 24th July 2023 | Blog, Garden Room,

Gardens are so much more than boring plots of grass at the end of your...

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garden room and side of house on show

UK Garden Room Company
Posted On 2nd July 2023 | Garden Room,

Green Retreats have been the UK's garden room specialists since 2005. We're proudly rated 5...

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large garden office in a naturalistic garden setting

How much does a garden office cost?
Posted On 25th May 2023 | Blog, Garden Office,

Garden office prices start at £21,995 all-inclusive. The starting price is based on a 2.5m...

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Luxury Garden Bar Shed

The Ultimate Garden Bar Shed Guide
Posted On 4th May 2023 | Blog, Garden Bar,

As spring pokes its bright blossoming head around the corner, we begin to venture outside...

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garden bar

Small Garden Bar
Posted On 29th March 2023 | Garden Bar,

Small Garden Bar   It’s time to think about your garden as an outdoor entertainment...

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Garden Office Billboard on the m25 by Heathrow

M25 Garden Office Billboard
Posted On 27th January 2023 | FAQ, Garden Office, News,

Have you seen our garden office billboard? If you've recently been stuck in traffic commuting...

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Highly Commended at the Lloyds Business Awards 2022
Posted On 10th November 2022 | News,

Highly Commended at the Lloyds British Business Excellence Awards 2022   Back in August we...

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outdoor annex showroom

Why Visit Our Garden Room Showrooms 
Posted On 31st July 2022 | Company, Informative, News,

Why Visit Our Garden Room Showrooms  If you’re currently debating whether or not a garden...

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What garden room is right for you?

What garden room is right for you?
Posted On 17th July 2022 | Product, FAQ, Garden Room,

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How to build a garden bar gin bottles

How To Build A Garden Bar
Posted On 13th June 2022 | Fun, Garden Bar,

There’s nothing like enjoying your favourite drink alfresco on a sunny evening, but the great...

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garden room canopy offering hot tub shelter

Hot Tub Shelters
Posted On 1st June 2022 | Garden Room,

Hot Tub Shelters and Garden Buildings Your Perfect Garden Room with Hot Tub   Hot...

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garden office design

Small Garden Rooms
Posted On 27th April 2022 | Garden Room,

Small Garden Rooms Small garden rooms are a great way to add extra practical and...

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We are Green – Our Carbon Offsetting Initiatives
Posted On 6th April 2022 | Company,

Since 2017 the Green Retreats factory, showrooms & offices have been completely carbon neutral. Find...

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Teen Den Ideas
Posted On 4th March 2022 | Garden Room, Education,

A teen den is ideal to give your kids the space they crave without sacrificing...

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interior of garden gym

5 Top Tips to Achieve Your Health & Wellness Goals
Posted On 10th January 2022 | Wellbeing & Fitness, Home Gym,

We've asked our friends at Velvaere Studios who are gym fit-out specialists to put together...

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How to get WiFi in a garden room
Posted On 2nd January 2022 | Informative, FAQ,

Whether you're using a garden room as a home office, entertainment space or teen den...

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Mountain range with lake and man sitting meditating

The Benefits of Mindfulness
Posted On 15th December 2021 | Wellbeing & Fitness,

After a long, stressful day there is nothing better than a moment to yourself. Allowing...

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garden room out of focus behind leaf

Winter Garden Room Ideas
Posted On 19th November 2021 | Blog, Fun,

An insulated garden room from Green Retreats allows you to enjoy the extra space available...

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Garden covered in snow

Are Garden Rooms Warm Enough To Use In Winter?
Posted On 12th November 2021 | FAQ,

Are Garden Rooms Warm Enough To Use In Winter? A question we are often asked...

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Inspiration garden room with art sudio supplies inside at dusk

Garden Room Heating – What are the options?
Posted On 28th October 2021 | FAQ, Informative,

Garden Room Heating – What are the options?   So, you’ve decided a garden room...

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How to Create a Multi-Purpose Garden Room
Posted On 17th September 2021 | Garden Room, Home Improvement,

Having a garden room is a great way to create extra space at home, but...

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hot tub canopy enclosure

Time for a Hot Tub!
Posted On 4th March 2021 | Home Improvement,

Time for a Hot Tub! Garden Rooms and Hot Tubs – The Perfect Match  ...

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Shedworking – What is shedworking?
Posted On 19th February 2021 | Garden Office, Product,

What is Shedworking?   Shedworking is part of the alternative workplace revolution. Shedworking as a...

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modern summer garden with garden room and shed

Summer House Ideas
Posted On 10th February 2021 | Summerhouse,

7 Fun Summer House Ideas   Summer houses are a great way to add extra...

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2021 Goals: How a garden room can help you achieve your goals
Posted On 1st January 2021 | Blog, Fun,

How a garden room can help you achieve your 2021 New Years Resolution goals  ...

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Christmas presents wrapped in kraft paper with baubles

Zero Waste and DIY Christmas Decorations
Posted On 1st December 2020 | Fun,

DIY Christmas decorations and eco-friendly gift wrapping are a wonderful way to ensure nothing is...

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Close up of Christmas tree with lights

DIY and Eco-Friendly Gifts this Christmas
Posted On 19th November 2020 | Fun,

This Christmas we're encouraging everyone to shop small or even make their own eco-friendly gifts....

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garden building in snow

Garden Room Insulation – How well insulated is a Green Retreat?
Posted On 16th November 2020 | FAQ,

What are our garden room insulation values? When researching your new garden room project, one...

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love lawns artificial turf and garden room

Love Lawns Artificial Grass – Discount Code & Collaboration!
Posted On 9th November 2020 | News,

Get 10% off your artificial grass order with Love Lawns! Get a quote and use...

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halloween garden building

Halloween at Home
Posted On 28th October 2020 | Fun,

Halloween at Home Halloween this year is going to be very different than ever before....

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Large Garden bar with an array of drinks inside

Garden Room Interior Ideas
Posted On 22nd September 2020 | Garden Room,

4 Cool Garden Room Interior Ideas for Your Project Having enough room at home has...

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Modern Insulated Garden Office

The Rise of the Garden Office
Posted On 3rd September 2020 | Garden Office,

Garden offices have been trending in 2020, and it makes sense why! The rise of the...

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Home office being used as a yarn business with shelves of colourful yarn inside

Start Knitting or Start Crochet | Trending in 2020!
Posted On 21st April 2020 | Fun,

Advice to Start Knitting or Start Crochet | from an Expert for Beginners We talk...

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woman at desk working in garden room

The Benefits Of Having A Home Based Business
Posted On 4th March 2020 | Garden Office, Home Business,

Are you a business owner? How amazing would it be to have your own home...

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pinnacle building with gravel

An Educational Retreat
Posted On 26th February 2020 | Education,

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Garden room with doors open during Spring

Simple Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home
Posted On 21st February 2020 | Fun, Home Improvement,

As Spring fastly approaches, it’s time to think about planning your Spring cleaning schedule to...

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woman exercising in front of gym

The Benefits Of A Home Gym
Posted On 5th February 2020 | Home Gym, Wellbeing & Fitness,

Home gyms are one of the most popular uses of our garden rooms. They are...

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man playing guitar with dog

Why You Need A Home Music Studio
Posted On 22nd January 2020 | Music Studio,

Fed up of travelling to and from a music studio just to practice or teach?...

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Home gym with woman balancing on ball

The Best New Year Resolutions For 2020
Posted On 8th January 2020 | Fun, Wellbeing & Fitness,

After a month of indulgence and luxuries – it might be time to get yourself...

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5 Reasons to Book a Site Survey
Posted On 25th December 2019 | Company,

Here at Green Retreats, we don’t do things by halves! We always like to ensure...

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Interior of TGO1 home office and chill out room

Make A Unique Garden Room
Posted On 18th December 2019 | Garden Room,

Uniquely Yours Creating a personal space that feels uniquely yours in your garden room is...

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london garden room showroom green retreats

Visit Us in Twickenham
Posted On 13th November 2019 | Company,

Visit the Showroom This Weekend Twickenham has quite an exciting and busy weekend ahead. This...

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water and mountains

Green Retreats Environmental Policy
Posted On 6th November 2019 | Company,

At Green Retreats, we constantly have the environment in the foreground of our policies. We...

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Exterior of Inspiration art studio

The Benefits of a Home Art Studio
Posted On 23rd October 2019 | Garden Studio,

The Benefits of a Home Art Studio One thing all artists can agree on, whether amateur...

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woman on exercise ball in outdoor home gym

The Best Garden Room Uses
Posted On 16th October 2019 | Garden Room, Garden Office, Garden Studio, Home Business, Home Gym,

The way our garden rooms are constructed, they’re versatile and suit all uses and purposes....

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Exterior of Inspiration chill out space

Love Your Garden
Posted On 9th October 2019 | Informative, Fun,

With British Summertime officially ending, rather abruptly, it’s time to start thinking about how we...

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woman with legs crossed on mat

The Benefits Of Yoga
Posted On 2nd October 2019 | Home Gym, Wellbeing & Fitness,

Yoga is a peaceful exercise that is becoming hugely popular due to the powerful and...

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couple drinking coffee

Incorporating Hygge Decor At Home
Posted On 25th September 2019 | Home Improvement,

Practice Hygge Decor with Green Retreats Hygge Decor At Home No longer a new concept...

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Exterior of Edge home gym

Our Construction Methods
Posted On 11th September 2019 | Company, Informative,

Our Construction Methods Broken Down Here at Green Retreats, we believe in the small details...

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London Showroom Front

Posted On 2nd September 2019 | News,

The Green Retreats Group has Expanded! …with a second showroom in London!   We are...

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Buying with Green Retreats – A Step by Step
Posted On 28th August 2019 | Informative, Company,

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Garden room with hot tub and doors open

Commercial Spaces With Green Retreat
Posted On 21st August 2019 | Business, Home Business,

We’ll get right down to it Our garden rooms are a fantastic and affordable alternative...

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pinnacle bar garden room with pool table

5 Tips For A Modern Garden
Posted On 14th August 2019 | Home Improvement,

A modern garden is a perfect place to spend those warm summer evenings. Not only...

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house plants infographics

The Best House Plants for Your Garden Room
Posted On 24th July 2019 | Home Improvement,

  With the number of people who own a garden dwindling, time spent outside with...

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wimbledon video featured image

The Place To Watch Wimbledon 2019
Posted On 5th July 2019 | Fun,

Have you been watching Wimbledon? Now in full swing, the intensity is swiftly increasing! Watch...

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Outdoor Home Cinema with snack on the table

Why Install An Outdoor Cinema Room?
Posted On 4th July 2019 | Cinema Room,

Often people who are after a cinema room will often extend their home. But how...

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trees with sun peaking through

Tips For Eco Friendly Home
Posted On 5th June 2019 | Home Improvement, Informative,

Keeping the planet in a healthy condition and reducing the damage inflicted by us as...

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garden room with doors open

The Best Unique Garden Room Ideas
Posted On 22nd May 2019 | Garden Room, Cinema Room, Garden Bar, Garden Studio, Music Studio,

Have you been thinking of a way you can bring originality into your home? Home...

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Your Ultimate Relaxation Retreat
Posted On 15th May 2019 | Home Improvement,

Turn Your Garden Room into the Ultimate Relaxation Retreat We can all relate to the...

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tiny garden room playroom with door ajar

Tiny Garden Room Ideas | Small spaces for big ideas
Posted On 29th April 2019 | Garden Room,

Create a Tiny Garden Room for BIG ideas A revolution is here! ‘Tiny-house’ is a...

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garden room with bench and water feature

The Benefits Of Garden Rooms
Posted On 24th April 2019 | Garden Room,

Garden rooms are the new game-changing home improvement in the world of property. The benefits...

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Wooden cladding on inspiration building

New Year’s Revolution
Posted On 2nd January 2019 | Garden Room,

The Garden Room Revolution We’ve reached an era of fast paced social progress and urbanisation,...

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Team Green Take on Three Peaks
Posted On 7th August 2018 | News,

Green Retreats Sponsor Team Green Green Retreats have organised and funded our very own weekend...

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manufacturing garden room

Manufacturing Excellence Award
Posted On 21st February 2018 | Company, News,

Manufacturing excellence award – we’ve made the shortlist! Today it has been revealed that Green...

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RIBA magazine

We’ve Been Recognised
Posted On 20th April 2017 | Company,

GREEN RETREATS RECOGNISED by the Royal Institute of British Architects Magazine (RIBA)     The...

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recycling logo

Landfill Free
Posted On 20th February 2017 | Company,

Did you know… Green Retreats is 100% Landfill Free   Since early 2016 we have...

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