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Garden Office for private pilot

As a young couple starting a family is difficult with lack of space in the house. Since turning the office into a nursery, our customers needed to find an alternative way to create an office without using any more space in the house. What seemed like the impossible was needed.

Small office in town house garden

The Solution

A 3m x 3m Inspiration garden room, with a set of French doors opening out to face the patio; perfect for ventilation and natural light. Although the building may sound small at 3m x 3m, it contains a sofa, large desk and a TV.

The garden room offers the perfect solution for what our customers were after. As a private pilot, the room is used for studying for exams and planning flights, as well as watching Netflix in peace and quiet of course! As our buildings are designed for a minimum of a 30-year lifespan, our customer is planning ahead for the use of the garden room; to be used as their children’s summer room when they are older.

Build Time

3 days

Building Details

  • 3m x 3m Inspiration
  • French door set (1.45m)
  • Lozenge window
  • Light Oak laminate flooring
  • External up/down light
  • Internal up/down lights

See this building on our configurator:

3m x 3m garden room configurator

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