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Family Garden Games Room & Chill Out Space

Project Overview

Chill Out Room, Inspiration

Our customers required a space away from the family home, which could be used as a recreational space and somewhere to entertain.

Family Chill Out Space
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Green Retreats
7M X 4M
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Why The Customer Needed A Garden Building

Having a family with children meant that our customers required additional space for the family to be able to sprawl out. Our customers wanted an area where the children could play and socialise. They also needed space for the adults to enjoy peace and quiet or to entertain.

Insp 7m x 4m - 5
Insp 7m x 4m - 7

What We Did

Green Retreats provided our customers with a 7m x 4.m Inspiration garden room which fit perfectly at the back of their garden. With a typically-sized UK garden, our customer required a room which didn’t take up too much prime garden space, while still maintaining a decent-sized internal footprint. This huge garden building is one of the largest size configurations that we offer, but here you can see that it is not at all intrusive and blends in perfectly with the fencing around the perimeter.

Their building also features an impressive 3.8m bi-fold door which can be opened up during the summer to make use of their indoor-outdoor space. The room also makes use of underfloor heating.

Insp 7m x 4m - 14
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Insp 7m x 4m - 16 - landscape size for case study template

The Finished Project

Weekends and evenings have become a lot more peaceful for our customers since installing their garden room. The kids now have a space which they can escape to for more noisy, fun times. They even have an 8ft pool table to use. Entertaining has also become a lot more convenient in the garden room with the addition of a corner sofa bed for unexpected (or expected) guests, an Xbox and Sky Q.

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pool table room

Customer Q&A!


We had a little Q&A session with our customer, just to find out a little more about their project and experience with Green Retreats:

What is it you use your office for?

Our garden retreat is used purely for recreational purposes. It features an American 8ft pool table, Xbox, SkyQ, corner sofa bed, bar table/stools, and underfloor heating.

Has your garden room improved your lifestyle?

Most definitely! Our children tend to use it more. It’s a great entertaining suite for them and offers us parents a great alternative if we’re looking for some tranquillity!

Is there a particular reason you chose Green Retreats?

Yes, our neighbours had one similar to ours installed in their garden*. They recommended Green Retreats unreservedly in terms of build quality and customer service.

What other options did you consider (in place of Green Retreats)?

A loft, but as we live in a conservation area the application process is fraught will all sorts of obstacles. Besides, this proved to be a far more cost effective and practical option without any planning application required.

How was your experience with Green Retreats?

We would recommend Green Retreats without hesitation. The process from start to finish was seamless and you offered a genuine personalised service throughout. The build quality and aesthetics of the structure is second to none and is a truly wonderful extension of our home.

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