Allan’s Gin Palace & Luxury Garden Gin Bar

Project Overview

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Allan was looking for a separate space to entertain that helped achieve a good work/life balance. The end result is a luxurious and sophisticated garden gin bar called 'The Gin Palace'. We are in love! This is what Allan had to say about his experience with Green Retreats, written in his words.

Garden Bar
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5M X 5M
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Bristol Garden
In their words:

Why Our Customer Needed A Garden Building

It all started with a gin… or two.

We have regular get-togethers with our neighbours and friends. One evening (after a few gins) someone jokingly suggested that we should turn the living room into a bar as we entertain so much. The next day I was looking at home bar photos online but quickly realised there wasn’t enough room inside the house.

The idea of having a garden outbuilding or garden room as separate entertaining/relaxing space grew on me, also the fact that we work from home means that we could feel like we are in another space, a place to escape. We started looking to create a garden bar.

Large Garden bar with an array of drinks inside
How to build a garden bar gin bottles

What Happened Next

After some online research and reading reviews, we decided to visit the Green Retreats showroom at Westcott. We were really impressed with the information and knowledge of the staff, showing us the building materials and different options to personalise our vision. The garden buildings in the showroom felt premium and solid, and were far and away the best we’d seen. The buildings are all insulated which means we can use the garden room all year round.

I thought our garden was a bit tricky to build on because the land slopes quite a bit, but a Green Retreats team came out for a home visit, measured and ensured me that their concrete pile foundation system would be used for levelling and is all included in the building price.

We decided on a 5m x 5m “G3” and went for the 3.8m sliding doors to let in as much light as possible and to take advantage of the open countryside view from which our garden benefits. We also had the plastering upgrade option to give the room a cosier and more finished look.

garden bar interior
Luxury garden room extension building in countryside
garden bar interior

The Finished Project

A Garden Gin Bar – “The Gin Palace”

Taking interior design inspirations from my favourite restaurants and bars, I’ve personalised the Garden Room into my own Gin Palace, a garden bar with a mix of colourful velvet, gold-toned metals and statement lamps.

The end result is a versatile space that is airy and light in the summer, cosy and warm in the winter. All of our friends and neighbours enjoy and love the (now locally famous) Gin Palace!

garden bar building in the evening
stylish home bar interior
garden bar with exterior lights
garden bar building in the evening

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