Garden Gym in London for Pilates and Weight Training

Project Overview

Home Gym, G3

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Alexa and James needed a home gym/pilates studio after James suffered a badly herniated disk in his back.

Green Retreats
3.5M X 5M
Starting From:
London Garden

Why The Customer Needed A Garden Building

Alexa and James and their two dogs Mack and Mara live in a three-bed Victorian semi in London.

Alexa and James needed a home gym after James suffered a badly herniated disk in his back. The couple were advised the regular Pilates could be a great help towards James’s treatment.

A friend of theirs recommended Green Retreats after their excellent experience with us – praising the ease and speed of the process. So the couple got in touch to see if we could create their perfect garden gym in London!

garden room with outdoor seating area
home gym equipment and weights

What We Did

We received an online quote request from Alexa and James, after which a home design consultation was arranged to check the suitability of the plot and further discuss their options. Our customers decided on an G3 design building for its modern aesthetic. With a typical Victorian London garden, their garden is very slim but very long. The size they choose was a 3.5m wide by 5m deep building, which fit perfectly at the end of their garden and makes excellent use of the long garden space they had available.

The building took the Green Retreats team just two days to install, making it a hassle-free experience with minimal disruption to the family’s day-to-day lives.

gym equipment and towels
Exterior of home gym building
gym at the end of the garden

The Finished Project

The finished result is a beautiful garden gym in London!
After the garden gym was installed the couple bought their weight training and Pilates equipment, and set to work decorating the inside to suit their style and needs. They hung full-length mirrors at the back of the garden gym which reflect the garden and make their gym building feel even larger.

The finished building has transformed Alexa and James’s home, garden and lives!

‘James now has weekly private Pilates classes in the space and, as a result, his back has improved so much that he no longer needs surgery!’

Pictures on wall in home gym
Exterior of home gym building
home gym equipment and weights
Home gym

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