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Garden Hobby Room

Project Overview

Leisure, Inspiration

We provided one of our customers, a director for G&H Southeast with a home office.

Art Studio
Building Name:
Green Retreats
5M X 2M
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Why The Customer Needed A Garden Building

As an avid artist, our customer found it difficult to find a place in the house to fully emerge herself in being creative. As there wasn’t a dedicated room in the house for painting, having to always put everything away after use became a tiresome task.

With the rooms in the house not providing an inspiring space to work from, as well as lacking in natural light, our customer looked outside the box for a unique hobby room space.

5m x 2m garden art studio
art studio interior

What We Did

Our customer decided that a garden room would be the best solution to her need for extra space. Even with a modest-sized garden, a 5m wide by 2m deep building sits perfectly as a discreet side frame to her beautifully planted garden.

An Inspiration design building was the preferred choice with its compact total footprint vs internal space – meaning more of the gorgeous garden space could be preserved for tradition use.

A larger 2.8m French door-set was added to provide more natural light into the studio, as well as offering stunning garden views.

artist and her dog
dog looking out of the window

The Finished Project

Having a dedicated space solely for this artists hobby means she can come and go whenever she pleases, without having to box everything back up in the cupboards.
The garden room provides not only the extra space needed but also a stunning garden asset generating more use of the garden too!

5m x 2m garden art studio
5m x 2m Garden Art Studio
large sliding door on garden art studio
art studio close to home
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