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Project Overview

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Gary Mossman is a highly successful tattoo artist with clients travelling from all over the world for his work. The demand for Gary's work meant that he no longer needed to work from a high-street studio. The natural next step in his career was to set up his own studio - the solution was a garden tattoo studio building from Green Retreats. This is what Gary had to say about his experience with Green Retreats, written in his words.

Home Business
Natural Pack
4.5M X 2.5M
Starting From:
Hampshire Garden
In their words:

Why were you looking for a Garden Room?

Before working from home I was working out of a studio based in Basingstoke town centre called Area51. This studio had a lot of walk-in clients and for this reason, charged a high rate of room rent for the Artists. However, I felt I no longer needed to be on the high street as clients were contacting me direct through social media and travelling from all over the world to get their tattoos. I would say most artists In my position would think it was time to venture off and open their own high street studio. Maybe in another 10 years that could be for me but for now, I like the easy life.

home tattoo business in the garden
garden tattoo studio interior

Why a Garden Room from Green Retreats?

The thought of using a room in the house naturally crossed my mind once I considered working from home but I feel it would be less professional tattooing inside the home itself.

The G3 garden room caught my eye a couple of years ago whilst browsing on Instagram. You could call it love at first sight.

So slick and well, edgy. I’ve always been loyal when I fall in love, I didn’t even browse the market after that. Seeing the G3 sparked the whole idea in the first place and as far as I could tell it was the Green Retreats G3 – or nothing.

garden room used for tattoo business
garden pod home business setup

What was the process like with Green Retreats?

I visited the showroom in Aylesbury. It was after I had completed a few digital designs on the website which was a very cool feature. The final stage was to go and see all the final details in person in the showroom which helps a lot when making those final decisions on lights and blinds etc.

The most memorable part of my Green Retreats experience was of course seeing the dream come together in my garden. It was exciting to see the team build what would soon be my own home tattoo studio right there in my garden.

Also, as I mentioned previously, I loved the Online Design Tool on the website. I’m a perfectionist and I cannot tell you how many hours I enjoyed filled with excitement building my studio digitally, playing with all the different options swapping this for that with no pressure from any sales team.

home tattoo business in the garden
garden studio sink and plumbing
tattoo artist chair

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start their own home business or studio?

The advice I would give to a Tattoo Artist wanting to work from a home studio:

  • It’s easier than you might think. Firstly it was so much easier than I ever imagined getting a premise license from the council to tattoo from a home studio. Just follow the by-laws and it’s a breeze.
  • Make sure you have the clientele. If you rely on walk-ins in any way then this isn’t the right move for you.
  • Look at your current profit. If you are currently paying a room rent or a high percentage to a studio owner, total that up annually whilst you’re considering the price of your garden studio. My studio will pay for itself in about a year and a half with instant benefits.
tattoo studio in the garden
garden studio interior with air-con

The Finished Project

Gary Mossman | Garden Tattoo Studio

Gary Mossman now has the professional tattoo studio his career and lifestyle needed. His garden tattoo studio is a professional environment that allows him the flexibility to be his own boss and to work from home without the hassle and cost of running a high street retail unit.

We love the interior decor choices – warm and inviting with stylish industrial accents. Gary also had plumbing retrofitted to his room to maintain proper professional hygiene standards which are essential in his business.

Check out the full photo gallery of his studio…

garden tattoo studio at home
garden room studio space
home tattoo studio in the garden
garden pod home business setup

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