GBB Coaching & Consultancy Agency’s Business Hub from Home

Project Overview

Commercial, G1

A growing business is a fantastic success; with increased work and staff, more space is needed to accommodate this. Our customer Tim, the founder of agency GBB coaching & started his business at the kitchen table. GBB has always been a ‘home-based’ business but now with 9 full time office staff and 40 associates, the business out-grew the house.

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7.5M X 3.5M
Starting From:
Milton Keynes Garden


As GBB grew, Tim moved into a larger house which fortunately had a separate double garage which had been part converted into a gym. A perfect space to renovate into an office, however after some research, it proved to be a considerable amount of work and would leave a very large dent in the wallet. GBB was in need of a different solution, as working in the house was becoming restrictive.



The concept of a garden office proved to be the perfect solution for meeting GBB’s evolving needs. Initially, a single garden office fulfilled the requirements, providing the business an optimal blend of functionality and professionalism.

As the company continued to experience significant growth and expansion, it quickly became apparent that the initial 7.5m x 3.5m garden office was no longer sufficient to accommodate the burgeoning demands. The bustling activities within the workspace soon reached a point of overcrowding, necessitating a strategic solution. In response, GBB decided to enhance its infrastructure by introducing a second garden office – a mirror image of the first, measuring 7.5m x 3.5m.

The addition of the second G1 addressed the spatial challenges and symbolized a milestone in GBB’s journey. Expanding the physical workspace underscored the company’s commitment to growth and innovation. Now equipped with two dedicated garden offices, GBB was well-prepared to foster an environment encouraging productivity, collaboration, and creativity among its team members.

This expansion provided much-needed room for the workforce to operate efficiently and contributed to maintaining the integrity of the original garden office concept. The lush surroundings, natural light, and serene atmosphere continued to be integral components of the working environment, creating a harmonious blend of nature and productivity. The dual garden offices became a testament to GBB’s adaptability and foresight in crafting a workspace that met its immediate needs and accommodated future growth and development.

A partition wall in a large garden office provides a smaller meeting room with green office chairs

The Finished Project

At Green Retreats, we understood GBB’s business needs, creating a space which allows more growth. Staff can continue to work whether Tim is out all day in meetings or taking a well-deserved holiday and the business is proud to invite clients. The offices have created a fantastic work-life balance for Tim and his thriving business (which also allows an office dog).

White and lime green meeting room decor in large garden office

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