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Project Overview

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Monthly office space rentals can mount up, becoming very expensive over time. Our customers were commuting on the bus every day to their rented studio space in Muswell Hill, London. They were in need of a space for two businesses: a comic book illustrating and taxidermy studio.

Green Retreats provide a great solution for extra space. Whether you’re in need of art studio, home office or to use for leisure, our garden rooms are perfect. They’re insulated for all year round use and have a life span of 30+ years!

5m x 3m Edge garden room set at the back of the garden, now provides a 30 second daily commute. Our customers run their businesses from their newly installed garden room.

Taxidermy classes now take place within the studio, which can be found on airbnb experience and their website.  The studio is shared to write a diary cartoon strip Alex, which appears in the Daily Telegraph.

The 3.8m sliding doors allow plenty of natural light and ventilation to fill the studio. The exterior torch lights create an ambient outside essence.

The garden studio is now paying for itself. Our customers found Green Retreats garden rooms as the perfect solution!


Building details:

  • 5m x 3m Edge
  • Plastered
  • 3.8m Sliding Door Set
  • x2 Exterior Torch Lights
  • x3 Internal Spot Lights


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