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Project Overview

Home Business, G3

Rented studio space in London is expensive, so our customers decided to go modern and bring their businesses home.

Home Business & Studio
Natural Pack
5M X 3M
Starting From:
London Garden

Why The Customer Needed A Garden Building

Monthly office space rentals can mount up, becoming very expensive over time. Our customers were commuting on the bus every day to their rented studio space in Muswell Hill, London. Tired of the commute and the expensive, our customers decided to take control and make the move to work from home.

Our customers both have very different jobs in creative art; one being a taxidermy teacher and the other a professional comic strip illustrator. Both being professionals in their fields of expertise, our customers needed a proper workspace and studio that would reflect their commitment to their work, whilst helping achieve a good work-life balance.

large and bright garden studio
taxidermy studio for classes interior

What We Did

Our customers found Green Retreats garden rooms as their solution for a professional studio at home. Our buildings are free-standing away from the house, helping to achieve a good work-life balance and keep the home a private space when holding classes.

The building style they chose was a 5m wide by 3m deep G3 design. This building spans across the width of the end of their garden, with the stylish architecture making a stunning focal point. The contemporary design of the G3 building is a perfect match for this traditional North London garden.

Our customers chose to upgrade to a larger 3.8m sliding door-set, perfect for stunning views of their landscaped garden and house, as well as allowing natural light in abundance.

garden studio at night
taxidermy studio interior
studio at the end of the garden

The Finished Project

Taxidermy classes now take place in the garden studio, which can be found on airbnb experience under The Vegan Taxidermist, and the customer’s business website. Classes are busy and booming, with a growing intrigue for this traditional art form. 

The studio is shared with the illustrator of cartoon strip Alex, which appears in the Daily Telegraph

This project is a stunning example of how a garden workshop can be the perfect space to pursue your hobbies and passion, and turn them into your profession to make an income! Cost-effective, quality year-round use and stunningly stylish.

home business garden taxidermy studio
modern garden studio in London
London garden taxidermy studio
yea-round taxidermy home business

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