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Silversmith & Sculptor’s Studio

Project Overview

Home Business, Garden Workshop

Claire, a silversmith and sculptor, required a space where she could build and expand her home business. Claire's business CRZyBest has gone from strength to strength since her building went up in 2019.

Home Business
Building Name:
Garden Workshop
Garden Studio
4M X 2.5M
Starting From:
Derby Garden

Why The Customer Needed A Garden Building Home Business

“My garden workshop is the centre of operations for my home business and is known as my ‘CRZyBest Shedquarters’. I have four workbenches, including my jewellers’ bench where I create my silver, copper and bronze tiny sculptures, jewellery, accessories and alternative bouquets.

Currently, I have my pink kiln for firing all my metal clay creations and my CRZyBest Bar set up in my Shedquarters, ready for customers to browse my creations when they visit me. There is even space for my Jack Russell to curl up in his bed, whilst I am working away on my latest creation. On a sunny day, I can fling open both doors open and easily take a project outside to work on, which is fantastic.

My garden studio is also the background for Zoom meetings, online business presentations and I have even attended virtual awards ceremonies, making my Shedquarters a place for displaying my awards and achievements too!”

Exterior of a garden workshop home business with its doors closed and with a bench and pink seat cushion.
Interior of a garden workshop home business with work benches on wither side and items pinned to the wall.

The Criteria And What We Did

“When looking for my garden room, I wanted something solid and sustainable that would house my home business, keep me warm in winter and look great in my garden. I also wanted the build process to be as smooth as possible, with the same company dealing with all the features, from building the foundations to putting in the electrics. I also needed a build project that was possible in the space that I had.”

With the help of our design team, Claire decided on a Garden Workshop to house her headquarters. Garden Workshop has a simple finish, which creates a cost-effective space, without compromising on quality.

“I really liked the designs of Green Retreats rooms and the fact that insulation and double glazing came as standard.”

Exterior of a garden workshop home business with its doors open and with a bench and pink seat cushion. Our client is peeping happily from inside.
Close up on an open window of a home business, with our client working at her work bench.

The Finished Project

“My garden room has been an absolute lifesaver! I feel so lucky that I made the decision to have it built back in November 2019, just in time for me to have a dedicated space for me to create and grow my business through all the turmoil of 2020.

Having my CRZyBest Shedquarters has been fantastic, it means I can leave my house and go to work in my own space, where I can leave my ongoing creations on their dedicated workbenches, ready to continue the next day. Having my own garden room has helped not only my own well-being but also that of my family, with me being able to focus solely on my business when I am tucked away in my Shedquarters I have been much more productive, CRZyBest is growing a little every day in one way or another, which means I can take time out with more confidence, knowing that everything will still be there when I get back.

In the past year or so, not only have I created bespoke orders and ready-to-buy pieces for clients and craft fairs, but I have also hosted workshops, taken part in webinars, joined in with Zoom meetings, given presentations, been interviewed and even attended awards ceremonies and given an award-winning speech!”

Photography credit goes to Lianne at FoyeTography.

Exterior of a garden workshop home business with its doors open and with a bench and pink seat cushion.
Interior of a home business with our client working at her work bench.
Interior of a garden workshop home business with work benches and colourful items pinned on the wall.

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