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garden building in snow

Garden Room Insulation – How well insulated is a Green Retreat?
Posted On 16th November 2020 | FAQ,

What are our garden room insulation values? When researching your new garden room project, one...

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Garden covered in snow

Are Garden Rooms Warm Enough To Use In Winter?
Posted On 19th October 2020 | FAQ,

Are Garden Rooms Warm Enough To Use In Winter? A question we are often asked...

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notepad - how much is a garden room

How much is a garden room? And what’s included?
Posted On 13th October 2020 | FAQ, Garden Room,

We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions we get surrounding the costs...

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summer house building in London garden

What is a Garden Room?
Posted On 17th June 2020 | FAQ, Garden Room,

At Green Retreats we've been installing garden room buildings since 2005. These unique buildings have...

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garden room selection

What garden room is right for you?
Posted On 29th May 2020 | FAQ, Garden Room, Product,

Green Retreats have been constructing the finest quality garden room buildings for our customers to...

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Exterior of Edge at the back of a landscaped garden

Garden Rooms and Planning Permission
Posted On 12th February 2020 | FAQ, Informative,

What are the rules regarding planning permission? One of the first questions asked by many...

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