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work from home

Work from Home in 2024
Posted On 7th January 2024 | Garden Office,

Finding a space to work from home in 2024 is the top of the priority...

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garden office ideas 2024

Garden Office Ideas
Posted On 2nd January 2024 | Garden Office,

If making space inside your home is a no go (no room, too loud, too...

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garden room office for hybrid working

Why Garden Offices Are The Best Hybrid Working Solution!
Posted On 20th December 2023 | Garden Office, Hybrid Working,

Hybrid working has proven to be a highly popular model for businesses, reaping the benefits...

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customer work from home with her dog sitting in a garden art room

How to Work from Home Efficiently
Posted On 6th December 2023 | Garden Office, Blog,

We’ve seen our customers use our garden rooms in many wonderful ways such as garden...

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Home office set up in small garden room painted grey

Working From Home | Our Customers and Their Garden Office
Posted On 3rd December 2023 | Informative, Blog, Business, FAQ, Garden Office, Garden Room,

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Garden office pods with patio at the front

Garden Office Pods
Posted On 16th October 2023 | Garden Office,

By far, garden office pods have proven to be one of the most popular uses...

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garden office sheds exterior in a customer garden

Garden Office Sheds
Posted On 7th October 2023 | Garden Office,

Garden office sheds have grown to be a popular option for Green Retreats customers, emerging...

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small garden offices

Small Garden Offices
Posted On 23rd September 2023 | Blog, Garden Office,

Garden offices are a modern way to create a professional workspace; all in the comfort...

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fully insulated garden office interior with desk and workspace

Top 6 Insulated Garden Office Benefits
Posted On 11th September 2023 | Blog, Garden Office,

An insulated garden office is a must-have for any household; whether you’re a hybrid worker...

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London Garden Rooms to save space and money in the city

London Garden Rooms: Create More Space In The City!
Posted On 29th August 2023 | Blog, Garden Office,

Living in one of the UK's most densely populated cities means the struggle for space...

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