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Roald Dahl writing hut

Shedworking – What is shedworking?
Posted On 19th February 2021 | Garden Office, Product,

What is Shedworking?   Shedworking is part of the alternative workplace revolution. Shedworking as a...

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home office ideas, lighting

Home Office Ideas
Posted On 27th January 2021 | Garden Office,

Home Office Ideas 2021 8 Top Tips and Ideas for your Home Office.   At...

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work from home garden office

Work from Home in 2021
Posted On 23rd November 2020 | Garden Office,

Why are Garden Offices the Ultimate Work from Home Solution for 2021? Finding a space...

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garden studio home business setup

Garden Office Pods
Posted On 26th October 2020 | Garden Office,

Our garden room buildings are regularly transformed into garden office pods by our customers. In...

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Modern Insulated Garden Office

The Rise of the Garden Office
Posted On 3rd September 2020 | Garden Office,

Garden offices have been trending in 2020, and it makes sense why! The rise of the...

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Interior of TGO1 home office and chill out room

How to Work from Home Efficiently
Posted On 25th March 2020 | Garden Office,

How to work from home efficiently At Green Retreats, we are massive advocates for working...

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working from home setting

Working From Home During Coronavirus
Posted On 18th March 2020 | Garden Office,

With recent events as you have probably seen in the news, coronavirus has been changing...

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woman at desk working in garden room

The Benefits Of Having A Home Based Business
Posted On 4th March 2020 | Garden Office, Home Business,

Are you a business owner? How amazing would it be to have your own home...

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woman on exercise ball in outdoor gym

The Best Garden Room Uses
Posted On 16th October 2019 | Garden Office, Garden Room, Garden Studio, Home Business, Home Gym,

The way our garden rooms are constructed, they're versatile and suit all uses and purposes....

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