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multi-purpose garden room

How to Create a Multi-Purpose Garden Room
Posted On 10th May 2021 | Garden Room, Home Improvement,

Create a Multi-Purpose Garden Room   Having a garden room is a great way to...

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garden office building in traditional garden

How much value does a garden room add?
Posted On 25th March 2021 | Garden Room, Home Improvement,

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Adding Value to your Home with a Garden Room   Will a garden room...

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hot tub canopy enclosure

Time for a Hot Tub!
Posted On 4th March 2021 | Home Improvement,

Time for a Hot Tub! Garden Rooms and Hot Tubs - The Perfect Match  ...

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Luxury Garden Bar Building with Patio Area

Home and Garden Trends 2021
Posted On 18th January 2021 | Fun, Home Improvement,

Home and Garden Trends 2021 and how to incorporate them into your garden room project...

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Luxury garden bar building in countryside

Garden Room Extension
Posted On 27th July 2020 | Garden Room, Home Improvement, Informative,

Garden Room Extension a great option for adding extra space at home   If you...

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Garden room with doors open during Spring

Simple Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home
Posted On 21st February 2020 | Fun, Home Improvement,

As Spring fastly approaches, it's time to think about planning your Spring cleaning schedule to...

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green retreats team construction

Extending Your Home For 2020 : A Guide
Posted On 11th December 2019 | Garden Room, Home Improvement,

Extending your home makes a huge difference, and completely changes the way you live with...

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couple drinking coffee

Incorporating Hygge Decor At Home
Posted On 25th September 2019 | Home Improvement,

Practice Hygge Decor with Green Retreats Hygge Decor At Home No longer a new concept...

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pinnacle bar garden room with pool table

5 Tips For A Modern Garden
Posted On 14th August 2019 | Home Improvement,

A modern garden is a perfect place to spend those warm summer evenings. Not only...

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house plants infographics

The Best House Plants for Your Garden Room
Posted On 24th July 2019 | Home Improvement,

  With the number of people who own a garden dwindling, time spent outside with...

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