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Compliment Your Garden Room with the Perfect Garden Furniture

30th May 2019

With warmer weather ahead, it’s time to break out the annual garden furniture. If you’ve recently installed a Green Retreats garden room, you may find that last year’s furniture doesn’t quite match your aesthetic anymore. We’ve made it easy for you and tracked down the perfect garden furniture to match each building in the range.

Compact & Contemporary with Inspiration

With a clean and contemporary look, Inspiration is the perfect garden room for those looking for a building with a small exterior footprint. Its polished appearance calls for garden furniture to match. With an aluminium frame, clean and modern design, The Acatium garden sofa is a perfect match for the Inspiration. The sofa is modular and can be arranged to fit your space as you please.

Photo of Inspiration with grey modular garden set outside

Strikingly Elegant Expression

A more traditional option with beautiful wooden cladding is the Expression. With a roof extending from all sides, the Expression stays true to its name and makes an elegant statement. If you’ve gone down the Expression route, your garden furniture will surely have to make the same statement. We think this stunningly crafted acacia wood in a natural style gives this garden set the elegance to complement your Expression.

Photo of Expression with acacia wooden garden furniture outside

Modern and Classic

Looking for something a bit edgier? Then look no further than the Edge. With its modern, yet classic design, this building features a sheltered deck and hood with enclosed sides. The only way to describe this building is effortlessly stylish. Compliment this building with an unusual garden seating set like this. Its rounded edges contrast the stark edges of this building in a complimentary way.

Photo of Edge building with rounded plastic garden furniture.

Architecturally Stunning

Last but certainly not least in our Green Retreats range is the stunning Pinnacle. Featuring a gorgeous forward leaning aspect to its front, this building is visually striking and sure to make a statement in your garden. So as not to detract from the beauty of this building, we feel a simpler garden set would fit here perfectly.

Photo of Pinnacle with rope garden furniture.
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