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19th October 2023

Why Extend Your Home with a Garden Room?

Space is at a premium, forcing us to be smarter with our available room. Life forces us to accumulate more ‘stuff’ as we grow, leaving us little space to live.

So, with this in mind, we need to create more space in the home, but how? House extensions can be a great way to extend your home, add value and save the huge upheaval of moving to a new home; but, what is the best way to extend your home? Is it a conservatory? a loft conversion, or something much simpler and cost-effective? So, before you start boxing up your belongings – take a look at these home extension options and why we believe a garden room is a great solution.

Open plan garden room and external seating area


We all know the feeling of excitement that comes with moving into a new home. The possibilities seem endless, and every corner of your house holds the promise of memories waiting to be made.

However, over time, our love for our homes can dwindle for various reasons. The good news is you might already be in your dream home, and all it takes is a little help from a garden room to rekindle that love.


1. Job Relocation: Working from Home in a Garden Office

As our careers progress, we sometimes find ourselves facing the possibility of relocating for work. Job opportunities and long commutes can lead us to contemplate a move. However, there’s a solution that can keep you in your beloved home; a garden office! Extend your home with a garden room that offers the perfect solution for professionals who want to work from home, creating a dedicated workspace in their garden.

With a garden office, you can work remotely in any role, eliminating the need for daily commutes. This not only saves you time and energy but also allows you to stay in your dream home while pursuing your career ambitions.


2. Upsizing: Create More Space with a Garden Room

Whether you’re expecting a new addition to the family, need an extra room for work, or have hobbies that require dedicated space, it can feel like you need a spare room to appear out of thin air. Green Retreats can make your dream home extensions wish come true! With over 70 size configurations available, you can create additional living space in your garden. The best part? Installation is quick, taking as little as 2 days, and you can customize your garden room to suit your specific needs. This is a game-changer if you want to extend your home without the hassle of moving.


3. Amenities: Create Your Own Gym or Cinema in Your Garden

Your home is more than just a house; it’s a place where you can indulge in your passions and hobbies.

When buying a home, local amenities often play a crucial role in our decision-making process. But what if you could bring some of those amenities right to your doorstep?

Extend your home with a Green Retreats garden room to transform your garden into your personal gym, home cinema, or any other space you desire. Whether you want a private fitness haven or a cosy movie night spot, a garden room can make it happen. Imagine the convenience of having your very own gym or cinema just steps away from your main living space.

garden art room exterior in a customer garden

Extend Your Home

4 Extension Options and Alternatives


1. Add a Garden Room
Benefits of a garden room at a glance:
  • Planning permission is rarely required making it a simple and hassle-free process
  • Modern, unique and stylish
  • Insulated throughout for year-round use with heating included
  • Finished inside and out with premium materials for a luxury ‘at home’ feel
  • Detached from your home for total privacy
  • Cost-effective and minimally intrusive during installation
  • Comprehensive 10-year guarantee
  • Eco-friendly

Garden room side angle


What is a garden room?

A detached building that offers an alternative way to extend your home. A garden room is a highly versatile space that can become anything you need it to be. Natural light, gorgeous views and complete privacy mean you can use your garden room for just about any extra space need you have in mind. A guest house, a quiet home office, a private home gym, an games room – and much much more!

A garden room is a stylish and unique addition to your home, that’s sure to be the envy of your friends and neighbours (and family members if you keep it for yourself!) 

Modern building techniques paired with premium building materials make our buildings a year-round extra space solution that’s also a beautiful addition to your home and garden.

Garden rooms from Green Retreats come fully inclusive with everything you need included in the price as standard, including base/foundations, installation, VAT, doors & windows, internal electrics, premium insulation and much more. We also offer a vast range of optional upgrades to choose from for a totally luxury retreat.


Feels like a room in your home

A garden room from Green Retreats comes with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee for quality. We only use premium grade materials to construct our fully insulated garden rooms – the same as you would find in modern new build homes. Whilst our building designs may look like a luxury or posh shed, they are actually more like a traditional home extension, just detached from your main home for total distinction. The look, feel and finish makes you feel perfectly at home when you’re inside, with the added benefit of a modern and unique pod style space in the garden and without the disturbance of opting to extend your home.


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2. Take up the Loft

Loft conversions are a costly options to add space at home, as well as being arguably the most inconvenient. Generally, the ceilings on your first floor need to be lowered to make the appropriate space in the loft, which is a big upheaval and interruption to your life. The whole process takes months rather than weeks. As there are tight regulations when it comes to changing the structure of your home, you will have to consider whether your property is suitable for a conversion.

As most people use a loft as extra storage space, it may deter future buyers from your home. Not only that, but you are taking away valuable storage space for yourself. Consider where you would store all the items you currently have up in your loft before deciding to extend your home via the loft.


3. Classic Home Extension

If you have available space immediately next to your home then a single-story extension is a great option that will add both space and value should you choose to extend your home.

Single-story extensions are typically the most expensive way to extend your home as well as intrusive on your home life whilst the work is carried out – a number of weeks all in. The structure will need to be approved by building regulations and building control, adding time and money to the project.

Deciding to extend your home can become extremely stressful due to the fact they are so easily denied planning permission. Planning itself can last months and there is no guarantee that it will be accepted. Finding a reputable builder for your extension can be a tedious and time-consuming job. The wrong choice of builder can be detrimental to your extension and the future of your home.


4. Build a uPVC Conservatory

Building a conservatory is a very traditional method of adding extra space at home. Although on average the most cost-effective space solution, a conservatory isn’t always the most practical. The space itself is limited in its uses, generally only being suitable as an alternative lounge in summer, with temperature control often being a bit tricky.

Due to the structure of conservatories, they can also be extremely inconsistent in temperature. A conservatories temperature will always depend on the outside weather which means that they could be unusable in extreme weather conditions.

Often the addition of a conservatory can increase the value of your home, but only when done right. If the conservatory is of poor quality or is unsightly, then this can deter future buyers. Many conservatory styles tend to be viewed as a little ‘old-fashioned’.



Let’s talk about your extra space needs and ideas…

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