Extending Your Home For 2019 : A Guide

3rd April 2019

Extending your home can be beneficial, and completely change your quality of life with the amount of added living space. There are an abundance of uses for home extensions, whether you’re expanding your home business, you need extra living space, or you want to make room for your growing hobby! The reasons for home expansion vary, but no matter the reason, it is important that if you decide on adding extra space to your home that it is done correctly.

What Are The Benefits Of Extending Your Home?

Home expansion comes hand in hand with numerous benefits, one of them being the most obvious – more space for whatever use you decide upon. Although aside from this, it has the ability to increase your property’s value by a vast amount. The reason for this being, the more space your home has to offer, the more useful it is to someone else. As well as this it gives homeowners in the future the option to renovate their property or give growing families the chance to expand.

Not only this, increasing the living space in your home improves you and your family’s quality of life. If you have young children, and you add extra space to your home in order to make room for a child’s playroom, you’re giving them the opportunity to learn and play independently, as well as preventing them spreading mess throughout the rest of your home! As the homeowner, extending your home can give you the peace and quiet you need with your own retreat. Or if your struggling to find the room for your expanding business, one of the most common reasons for home expansion is to create a home office or a business environment. So the real question is what way should you extend your home? There are numerous different forms of expansions that could be more suited to you and your home layout.

Types Of Home Extensions

Garden Rooms

One of the most upcoming forms of home expansion is garden rooms. Constantly rising in popularity, they’re becoming more and more of a must-have for properties. The foremost choice about opting for a garden room is that they have so much opportunity for customisation and personalisation. Unlike home extensions, they do not have to be attached to your existing property.

This allows for more privacy and to act like a retreat rather than just a standard home extension. Not only this, but they’re built to last, with the awful British weather it is exceedingly important that all of our buildings are durable and will be able to take the force from the indecisive British weather. Using only the finest quality materials, our garden rooms are manufactured right here at our factory, they’re also installed by our professional installations team. Garden rooms are durable and can handle impact from the elements just as well as your home can. We often are enquired about how our buildings stay inline with a level temperature, insulation is key for any form of home extension. Throughout cold weather especially, it’s important that your space can stay at a warm temperature. Garden rooms include insulation in the costs, and also will have access to water mains and be fitted with electrical components.

garden room against fence in garden

This uprising product is so popular as it replicates a home extension without the always necessary hassle of gaining planning permission and having to be attached to your existing property. If you wanted a luxury retreat or an extra living space but do not have the required measurements available at the side of your home or in the front of your garden, you can have your retreat hidden away for utmost privacy. We always like to reiterate to our clients that they are not limited to what they can achieve in terms of design options when it comes to installing a garden room. As we previously mentioned, electrical outlets are installed into all buildings for lighting fixtures and appliances, meaning you are never limited to what you can transform your garden room into. You can add wallpaper to your building, although we would recommend conversing with your installers before you do this. Other than this your design options are limitless and any design or style is achievable.

Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are one of the most costly home expansion options. The process involves converting your loft space and making room for added living areas. Loft extensions can be an issue for a handful of homeowners, the way some properties are constructed and laid out, a loft extension can be difficult to achieve. In most properties loft space is used as storage space, this is because it can offer either very limited space or have a complex layout.

If you intend to use your loft conversion for sleeping purposes or as an additional bedroom then we suggest researching into it beforehand. Lofts often have slopes, dips and unlevel measurements mainly in the ceiling. This can make moving in furniture of finding a bedroom layout that you’re satisfied with perverse. We also recommend taking into account who is going to be moving into your new loft space. If it’s an elderly relative or a family member or friends that struggles with mobility, an elevated home addition like a loft conversion may not be the best choice of home expansion for you.

Home Extension

Another popular form of space addition is a standard home extension. Not only are these costly, but they involve a much longer planning and construction process than most home expansions. All home extensions that require construction work to add an extension to your existing property will need planning permission. Planning permission can be difficult to obtain if you have a certain property layout or you have limited space available. As well as this, if your neighbours are unhappy, they can object your request for planning permission or appeal to stall the process entirely.

Overall if you’re looking for added living space without the hassle of extensive planning and obtaining documents like planning permission, a home extension is unlikely to be your best bet. Although there are plenty of alternatives to add extra space to your property so do not be disheartened!

man writing down building plans

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