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15th September 2023



Garden Bar Ideas | Are you looking for ways to get the most out of your property? Our homes are a sanctuary to relax and unwind; however, they can be so much more!

Create cherished memories to look back on for years to come with a garden bar. Perfect for those “just for one” drinks after a busy day or a big party to host large family events. Whatever the occasion is, you can raise a glass in your very own garden room. 



Creating a garden games room and bar is the pinnacle entertainment combination to create a night that you’ll never forget. Challenge friends to a game of pool, darts or table tennis and claim bragging rights. If you’re feeling retro, why not add an arcade machine and set a new high score for all to see. Whatever your game of choice is, a games room is a great garden bar idea to bring everyone together.

Garden Bar Ideas Showing The Exterior Of A Garden Bar Games Room.
Garden Bar Ideas Showing A Games Room Inside A Garden Room. Man Cave Bar Ideas


What’s better than a cocktail? A cocktail bar of course! Be your very own bartender and make all your favourites when the mood strikes. Long Island Ice Teas, Passionfruit Martinis, whatever you fancy, craft your signature drink in a luxury garden bar.

Garden Cocktail Bar At Night


Welcome to the Garden Pub Inn! With a modern approach to a classic British pastime, you can bring the pub to your own garden. Kit it out with a large-screen TV and turn it into your very own garden sports bar, and get your favourite beers on tap. So, no more late-night taxi fees, instead, take a couple of merry steps and your home.

Garden Bar Ideas for a pub garden
Interior of a pub garden in a green retreats building


These customers have taken the garden bar to the next level with a hot tub too giving them a place to retreat to when some rest and relaxation is needed.

If you’re looking for a high-quality hot tub or spa, look no further than our friends at Hot Tub Hub, which is located within our Buckinghamshire showroom. Purchase a hot tub with them and it can be installed at the same time as your Green Retreats garden room minimising disruption for you!

Luxury Garden Bar With Hot Tub
Side Profile Show of Hot Tub Next To A Garden Bar


What’s a garden bar without some banging tunes? Mix some tracks while mixing cocktails and create the newest garden hot spot in town. You’ll be the residential DJ to get friends and family up on their feet, dancing the night away in your garden bar.

Garden Bar Ideas For A Sound System
Bar Sound System with DJ Decks


Small Garden Bar

Love the idea of a garden bar but need a garden building for a multitude of purposes? You don’t have to abandon the garden bar dream altogether! If a garden office is a more pressing space need currently then why not create a clocking off corner with a mini-fridge or trendy bar cart that’ll create a post 5pm use for your garden room.

Large Garden Bar

Go all out with large garden bar ideas that’ll give you all the glitz and glamour of a night on the town, without the queues, entry fee or long ride home! Choosing one of our larger configurations (our buildings range from 4 sqm to 30 sqm internally) gives you all the space for those entertainment extras like a vintage arcade game, big screen TV or even a karaoke machine that’ll get everyone in the party mood. So whatever garden bar ideas you have, our large garden bars can facilitate your every need.

Different size of garden room for unique garden bar ideas.

Benefits of a Garden Bar

Detached from the house for noise control and privacy

A garden bar might be the perfect solution if you’re living in a busy household. Escape the sound of noisy televisions, washing machines, or even the kids, and nip out to the local at the bottom of your garden for some much-needed me time to unwind with a nice cocktail.


Adds value and more cost-effective than a home extension or alternative

Traditional home extensions like conservatories aren’t suitable spaces to entertain family and friends due to their impracticality. These costly extensions are one-dimensional and aren’t cost-effective. However, a garden bar is soo much more than a place to drink. It’s a space to entertain, play games, and make memories while adding value to your home. Find out how much value customers are adding to their homes with a garden room!


Fully insulated for year-round use

When we think of garden bars, our imagination takes us to those sunny summer months spent drinking cold, refreshing drinks; however, our garden bars aren’t just for summer. All our garden bars are designed with premium insulation throughout the walls, floor and roof to create a comfortable internal atmosphere all year round. Plus, a wall-mounted radiator is included in the price of all our buildings and we have a range of premium heating upgrades, like our underfloor heating!

Find out more about how our garden rooms keep warm…

Fully insulated garden bar

Whatever your garden bar ideas are, our garden buildings come as a blank canvas for you to put your stamp on so you can create that sophisticated gin soiree vibe, garden pub or pretty prosecco palace! To kickstart your garden bar ideas, we include all the essentials like internal and external lighting, flooring and heating – the rest is up to you to get creative and bring your garden bar ideas to life! See our optional upgrades

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