Garden Room Heating – What are the options?

28th October 2021

Garden Room Heating – What are the options?


So, you’ve decided a garden room is the solution to your extra space needs – great choice! Now comes the exciting part of deciding on any upgrades to create a space that will be perfect for you for years to come.

One thing you’re probably questioning is, ‘how to heat a garden room’.

The good news is our buildings have great heat retention properties thanks to the premium insulation used throughout which means they are suited for year-round use!

The listed price of every building from Green Retreats includes a thermostatically controlled oil filled radiator, which is perfectly suited to give your space the added warmth boost on chillier days. This is easily portable around your building but can take up valuable floor space, especially in smaller garden buildings.



For those that would prefer complete temperature control and a heating solution that fits with the interior of your building, we offer 3 premium garden room heating upgrades to ensure your building is just the right temperature for you all year round!



How to keep your garden room warm

Optional Heating Upgrades


1. Wall Mounted Radiator

Our quick-start wall mounted convector radiators come as standard and can be fitted for a sleek finish and will ensure your building is toasty in no time at all! Available in a choice of 1.5kW or 2kW. The wall mounted radiator needs be to fitted 150mm from the floor, walls or any switch – so bare this in mind when you’re designing your internal space.

radiator upgrade option - heating included



2. Air Conditioning

If you’re looking for temperate control for every weather, our air conditioning upgrade can take care of the winter chill and keep you cool on those hot summer days. A popular choice in a home gym to ensure workouts remain cool, calm and collected.


  • Standard Unit

A sleek and simple design, the LG air conditioning unit is an external air source heat pump system.


  •  Designer Unit

The LG external air source heat pump designer unit adds a striking & practical feature to your garden office.

home tattoo studio in the garden



3. Underfloor Heating

For that extra touch of luxury, carbon film underfloor heating can be installed in garden buildings with laminate flooring. A great choice in any building but especially in small garden rooms as it doesn’t take up any wall space. Plus, nothing beats that warm underfoot feeling!




4. Infrared Heating

Our latest heating upgrade option is the revolutionary infrared heating system from ASTECtherm; an economical technology that cleverly heats both the person and the room!

It’s completely discreet, with the infrared heating panels hidden behind the plastering of your building which removes the need for bulky radiators. Plus, it’s much more environmentally friendly than conventional heating systems which are estimated to be only 50-70% energy efficient, whereas infrared is around 98%!

Please note: this option is only available in plastered buildings and not available in our Garden Studio or Garden Workshop.




What about building size?


Just like a larger house will take more time and energy to heat, a larger garden room will too compared to a smaller building. With our buildings being available in up to 70 different size configurations, our experienced design team will be able to guide you on what heating solution will be best suited to the size and use of your building.



Now that you know our buildings will be nice and warm all year round, why not get in touch with our team today? 

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