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Garden Storage

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Garden storage is convenient and popular, as it means taking the clutter from inside your home and moving it elsewhere. Finding storage in your home for belongings can become complicated, and you might find that your loft and garage space quickly fills up. With more people struggling to find space at home for their growing collection of things, home expansion methods are becoming more prevalent.

Whether your hobby is requiring more space, or you simply want garden storage, we provide a simple yet effective option. Our garden storage units are great for multipurpose use. So if you need office space, you can incorporate storage into this in order to reduce the need for a complicated home extension. The versatility of our buildings is what makes them so appealing; dividing walls can be added to break up space and designate separate use areas.

Our Garden Storage


Compact & contemporary

The Inspiration is constructed with elegant lines and fits into smaller sized gardens. As our most cost-effective building model, this beautiful product is bound to be the statement piece of your garden.

Prices start from £11,995

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Strikingly elegant

The Expression is a traditional styled garden building, similar to typical garden cabin designs. A luxury asthetic suited to a traditional garden style.

Prices start from £14,495

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A modern classic

Our most contemporary building model available from our range. With a shaded deck and out signature 'black pack' this building is a must-have for those looking for a modern centrepiece in the garden.

Prices start from £14,495

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Architecturally stunning

This contemporary product will be the focal point of any garden. Its architectural uniqueness is stunning and is far from ordinary. Far from traditional, you can add space to your garden without compromise.

Prices start from £15,495

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What makes our garden storage options so popular is that they’re so versatile. Being able to make your space equipped for more than one use appeals to a lot of customers, and provides a unique, out of the box solution of having more usable space at home. Whether you need a music studio that comes equipped with storage space or a yoga studio with space to store equipment – we provide buildings that are designed and built exactly how clients want it. We aim to ensure the entire process from start to finish is as smooth as possible. Our experienced team handle the whole process from planning right up until the installation is complete.

Our buildings fall under permitted development rights, so often do not need planning permission. However, in a situation where a customer requires planning, we have a team on hand to take care of this for you with regular updates. Unlike other home expansion methods, our process is relatively smooth and straightforward, not causing much disruption to your home life. Our eloquent attention to detail ensures we provide products that leave customers happy and with the guarantee of a durable product that will last.

Summer Houses

Our Garden Storage

Standing out is what makes our company and brand so likeable. Our products are like no other, with incredible durability and such versatility in design, we are one of a kind.

You will receive everything needed to get your garden room up and running included in the price of your project. Interior and exterior lighting, an oil-filled radiator, electrical outlets, insulation, windows and doors are just a few things that will be included in your pricing. We also offer optional extra for an additional cost; these include luxuries like underfloor heating and aircon.

Visit Our Showrooms

With two showrooms in the UK, you can experience our products beforehand and try before you buy. Our main base showroom is at Westcott Venture Park. Here we showcase 17 fully-furnished building models. Ranging from home-gyms to living spaces, you can see how versatile our garden rooms are.

We also now have a showroom based in Twickenham. This showroom has 3 of our most popular building models on display. With both of these showrooms open seven days a week, you can drop in when it is convenient – with no worries of booking an appointment!

Payment Process
    £200 Holding Deposit Due
    50% Building Deposit Due
    Remaining Balance Due
Finance Options

We now provide finance options across our entire range. Choose a payment plan that suits you, and pay the cost of your home storage over 3-10 years.

Our Garden Storage Sizes

We provide a vast range of varying building sizes. Whether you need a small storage space or an ample extra space for multipurpose use – we can help! We strive to be transparent with our pricing and base our building costs based on the internal footprint. This guarantees customers receive the exact space they are paying for and is a much easier measurement to be visualised.

All of our garden storage spaces include insulation in the quoted price. Our insulation is high-quality and guarantees your building space will be suited for use all year-round.

Adequately heated, even during the coldest winter months, your building is useable no matter the weather. During the summer open your bi-fold doors and let in the beautiful outside sunlight. All of the materials used in the construction of our products are sourced from our local factory.

UK Manufactured Summer Houses by Green Retreats
Summer Houses Starting From £11,745
Garden Summer House by Green Retreats
Corner Summer House by Green Retreats
Year-Round Summer Houses

All of our garden pods include insulation within the quoted price. This means they’re durable and ideal for year-round use. Heated as well as your home would be, we provide the perfect space-saving home addition.

We only create our buildings with the highest-quality materials in our local factory. Find out more details about our construction process on our manufacturing page.

Our Manufacturing Process

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Using our configurator you can design your perfect garden office with minimal effort, ensuring it’s tailored to your own personal preferences and specifications.

You can get a great idea of how your new garden office will look by using the 360 degree rotating viewer.

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