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Home and Garden Trends 2021

18th January 2021

Home and Garden Trends 2021

and how to incorporate them into your garden room project


Garden rooms have been far and away one of the most popular home improvement trends for 2020. Our order books are filling up well into Summer 2021 even now, so this year the trend is set to continue!

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large garden room ideas

A garden room building is a stylish addition to your garden, an extension of your home interior AND a way to improve your lifestyle.

With that in mind, we decided to explore some key home and garden trends for 2021 that will apply to your garden room project!



Lifestyle Trends 2021:


Home Office

Working from home has so many benefits, but also some challenges too. Creating a distinction between work and office can be really tough, especially if you don’t have the space to work from a dedicated office.

A garden building as a garden office can help create a quality working space that feels like a room in your house. Being detached from the home gives you space to focus on your work without the distractions of home. Plus, at the end of the day you can close the doors behind you and walk away – creating a work/life balance that is so important for your wellbeing.

work from home trend


Home Gym

Exercise in these tricky times can sometimes be the last thing we want to do. It’s winter right now with a national lockdown to boot, so wouldn’t it be nice to just curl up and hibernate until this all passes? Feeling like this is all the more reason to push yourself to get moving and make your health and wellbeing a priority. There will be brighter days ahead, and you will be ready for them!

Finding space to complete your home gym or home workout can be hard. Generally, a private space is ideal where you can blast your music and won’t be interrupted, or interrupt someone else in our household either! Gym equipment can be unsightly and bulky so finding space for that and tidying it away after can be frustrating enough to make you not want to bother in the first place! Making dedicated space for your workout is the key.

fitness trends 2021


Multi-purpose spaces

Last year we all did our best to make your existing living space work for us. This included creating many weird and wonderful multi-purposes spaces; such as classrooms in kitchens, gyms in living rooms and offices in dining rooms. We’ve all become much more creative in how we can make a space suit our needs, creating flexible and adaptable rooms that cater to more than one purpose. Keep this trend going and create spaces at home that you need, or just want!

On that note, garden games room and garden bar anyone?

Pinnacle Games Room and Bar



Garden Trends 2021:


Inside Outside:

The Inside Outside trend was massive in 2020, so it’s expected that 2021 will be no different. So, what is the Inside Outside trend? It’s where you incorporate interior decor into your outside space to make it more comfortable, useable and beautiful! Think mirrors, rugs, floor cushions, warm lighting and scandi-inspired furniture. This trend also allows you to create new spaces outside, like a cosy garden cinema, a garden kitchen or a garden bar!

bbq area and cedar garden buildings


Grey gardens:

Grey has been a versatile and calming home interior colour trend over the past few years. What was mostly an interior design trend has also made its way into the garden!

As a naturally occurring colour, grey is a fantastic option to incorporate into your garden design that will both help to modernise the space as well as blend into the surroundings.

Incorporating this trend into your garden is simple! Consider grey furniture or planters, painting your fence to create a stunning backdrop, or create borders using grey slate or gravel.

Did you know? Many of our garden room designs are available with striking graphite grey or black accents as an optional upgrade. 

grey garden trend


Cottage Styles:

A classic that’s also a trend for 2021, cottage garden designs never go out of style. The key with cottage style gardens is to eliminate straight lines in place of more organic curves in your design. Planting flowering plants in varying heights will create a romantic garden that you’ll want to gaze into all summer long.

cottage style garden



Interiors trends 2021:



Colour is back! For a long time now simple whites and greyscale shades have dominated in home interior trends, but all that’s set to change!

Check out the Colours of the Year from both Dulux and Pantone to give you some style inspiration for your garden room interior:

colour trends 2021

Did you know? We offer a plastering option with a painted finish as an optional upgrade! Let our decorator know the colour and we will get it sorted for you!


Jewel tones and luxury textures

Time to treat your interior to a touch of opulence. Rich jewel tones are set to be a big home interior trend for 2021. Get fancy with some ruby reds, sapphire blues, emerald greens or deep amethyst purples and set them off against some classic gold accents.

Luxury textures like velvet are on the list to look out for in 2021. Add these textures with simple throw cushions for an effortless upgrade that oozes sophistication.

jewel tone trend



Adding plants and greenery to your home interior helps to soften the space and greatly improves the aesthetic. We recommend going for the real deal over artificial plants because they are better for the environment and also better for you! Plants have a calming effect as well as releasing precious oxygen into your space, proving to be great for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Consider adding a good handful of different size and shape plants to your garden room to bring the outside in. To mix it up try including some hanging plants, large leaf potted plants, grasses and succulents to your space. Plant pot stands are another great way to add height to your interior planting.

Interior of interior design office and guest room with bathroom



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We hope you’ve been inspired by these home and garden trends for 2021!

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