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Home and Garden Trends 2022

1st February 2022

Home and Garden Trends 2022

and how to incorporate them into your garden room project


Garden rooms were one of the most popular home and garden trends for 2021. Our order books are filling up well into Summer 2022 even now, so this year the trend is set to continue!

A garden room building is a stylish addition to your garden, an extension of your home interior AND a way to improve your lifestyle.

large garden room ideas

With that in mind, we’ve explored some key home and garden trends for 2022 to inspire your garden room project!

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Lifestyle Trends 2022:


Home Office

Working from home has so many benefits, but also some challenges too. Creating a distinction between work and home can be really tough, especially if you don’t have the space to work from a dedicated office.

With ‘hybrid’ working of splitting time between the office and working from home becoming the new normal, a garden building as a garden office can help create a quality working space that feels like a room in your house. Being detached from the home gives you space to focus on your work without the distractions of home. Plus, at the end of the day you can close the doors behind you and walk away – creating a work/life divide.

Garden offices continue to be a growing home and garden trend in 2022 and beyond!


Summer House Retreat

The pandemic has made us much more aware of our own wellbeing and this has found more of us craving a haven at home where we can truly escape from everyday distractions. We expect to continue to see a rise in summer house retreats to read, sew, draw and enjoy other pastimes to simply switch off.

We like to think of our garden room buildings as a contemporary summer house. Insulated throughout and warm enough to use all year round, giving that extra space to escape to outside the house when pressing pause is required.

Find out more about our insulated summer houses


Multi-purpose spaces

Last year we all did our best to make your existing living space work for us. This included creating many weird and wonderful multi-purposes spaces; such as classrooms in kitchens, gyms in living rooms and offices in dining rooms. We’ve all become much more creative in how we can make a space suit our needs, creating flexible and adaptable rooms that cater to more than one purpose. Keep this home and garden trend going and create spaces at home that you need, or just want!

On that note, garden games room and garden bar anyone?

Pinnacle Games Room and Bar



Garden Trends 2022:


Outdoor Kitchen and Entertaining Space

2021 was the year for outdoor kitchen ideas, with everyone wanting to serve up a slice from their perfect al fresco dining space. No longer for just large gardens or sunnier climates, this trend is set to continue to rise in 2022 as we continue to aspire to create ultimate entertaining spaces at home. This pairs perfectly with a garden bar or garden games room to keep the fun going when the great british downpour can’t be controlled!

bbq area and cedar garden buildings


Cottage Styles:

We saw cottagecore enter our homes in 2021, and now the classic cottage style is set to take over our gardens too. The key with cottage style gardens is to eliminate straight lines in place of more organic curves in your design and incorporating natural materials like brick, slate and rustic wood to take centre stage. Planting flowering plants in varying heights will create a romantic garden that you’ll want to gaze into all summer long.

garden room in planted garden


Hot Tubs

As we still seek to turn our homes into entertainment hubs, hot tubs are set to continue to be key features within our gardens. Once seen as a luxury for the few, gardens across the UK are getting these bathing additions as we realise the benefits and enjoyment that can come from them. Once again a trend that elongates the time we spend in our gardens as they can be used all year round, it’s clear we’re trying to make the most of all the space our homes and gardens have to offer!

Did you know? We offer a side canopy option on our Expression and TGO1 building designs that make the perfect covered hot tub shelter! We’ve also partnered with UK hot tub specialists Hot Tub Hub for exclusive discounts to our customers…

Side angle of an Edge and hot tub



Interiors trends 2022:



After the uncertainty of the last few years, it’s time to inject some colour back into interiors to lift the mood and create a creative, joyous atmosphere where we also feel calm and collected. Check out the Colours of the Year from both Dulux and Pantone to give you some style inspiration for your garden room interior:

Did you know? We offer a plastering option with a painted finish as an optional upgrade! Let our decorator know the colour and we will get it sorted for you!


Bring the outdoors in

We already know that surrounding ourselves with plants has a therapeutic value, and after over a year of being isolated inside, there will be a continued focus on regaining our connection to the natural world. Bringing the outdoors into our interiors through natural lighting and planting schemes will help create a calming environment.

Biophilia – the basic human need to interact with nature – is the buzzword on everyone’s radar, and what better space than a garden cabin flooded with natural light and bifold doors that connect to the garden to give the nature-hit we need.


Curve Appeal

Curve accents are popping up across design features and are making their way into our homes. Driven by a younger generation who are drawn to organic shapes that add softness instead of design rigidity. Whether it be a curved sofa, round mirror or arc building accent (hint hint!), get ready to embrace circular elements that draw you in for a hug.



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