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21st February 2024

The Complete Home Gym Guide 2024


Get fit without leaving the house! Are you tired of dragging yourself to the gym after a long day in the office? Achieving your fitness goals has never been easier with a home gym!

Having a garden gym on your doorstep can increase your motivation to get in better shape, keeping your fitness goals within reach.

The private space of a home gym can take away the pressure of feeling watched that some feel when working out in traditional gyms. Instead, your private gym oasis awaits for you at the bottom of the garden.


Benefits of a Home Gym


Beat Gym Anxiety with A Home Gym

Many individuals hesitate to join a traditional gym due to anxiety-related concerns, such as the fear of being watched during workouts, dealing with crowded spaces, or feeling pressured to wear specific clothing brands. However, with a garden gym, you can say goodbye to these worries as the privacy provided by our garden rooms allows you to pursue your fitness goals in peace.

Why Garden Gyms are a practical solution to Home Gyms

While home gyms are often associated with a set of dumbbells in the living room or a treadmill in a chilly garage, working out at home doesn’t need to be this way! Prioritise your health and fitness in 2024 by creating a purpose-built garden gym, offering a comfortable and practical space for your workouts. Move bulky gym equipment out of your living space and transform your home into a clutter-free sanctuary for post-workout relaxation.


Why Home Gyms Are Better Than Joining the Gym

With increasing gym memberships, overcrowded spaces, and competing external commitments, traditional gyms may no longer be a practical solution for everyone. Fortunately, there are alternatives! Home gyms eliminate the need for lengthy commutes, eradicate wait times for equipment, and provide a serene environment to concentrate on your fitness routine. Additionally, you have the flexibility to work out alone, with a friend, or even operate your personal training business from the comfort of a luxury micro gym.

We’ve got a great range of amazing garden gym shed ideas to inspire you for when you create your own garden gym.

green retreats luxury garden gym with doors open in the sunshine


Small Garden Gym

A small garden doesn’t mean the dream for the perfect home gym is over! Our G2 starts at 2m x 2m which is perfect for creating a workout space just steps from your back door.  Opting for a fully mirrored wall like this private London Home Gym will create the illusion of a much larger space, as well as give you a great garden reflection to gaze at as you work out.

Exterior of home gym with lights on in the evening  interior of a garden home gym with the doors open


Large Garden Gym

For the fitness fanatics, a large garden room turned home gym will cover all your workout needs. Opt for a larger size configuration to zone your space and create a cardio, weights and mat area! You could even add a chill zone to enjoy that post-workout power up.

Exterior of Edge home gym with bi-folds open state of the art Edge home gym with bifold doors


Garden Yoga Studio

If zen is more your style our garden buildings are perfectly suited to become a garden yoga studio or meditation haven. What’s great about our garden rooms is they come with everything you need to get started including lights, heating and choice of flooring, but still give you all the freedom to put your decor spin on it and create a unique space just for you!

Evening Yoga Studio Room green retreats home gym transformed into a spacious yoga studio


Discover more Home Gym Ideas on our Pinterest Board

If your a gym fanatic or a fitness newbie who either has or is thinking about creating a home gym, it’s important to include these home gym must haves to ensure you create the perfect gym space.


1. Mirrors

Using mirrors effectively can guarantee a better workout environment. Not only will it help you master a new move and improve your form but it can help make your garden room gym appear larger and lighter than it is


2. Music

Nothing is more motivating and pushing during exercise than your favourite songs. During gym sessions, pushing yourself is the best way to make progress.


3. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are included in such a huge amount of exercises and stretches, it immediately justifies having to purchase them. The longest-lasting dumbbells are typically hex shaped with the rubber coating on. These are durable and are the perfect addition to any exercise.


4. Pull Up Bar

When it comes to kitting out gyms, pull up bars are often overlooked. They’re great for building up muscle strength and despite the rumours, they can be used for many other things rather than just pullups. They can assist in improving even things like your posture, which is beneficial for your health in the long-term.


5. Treadmill

Whether you enjoy a walk, easy jog, a sprint or a long distance run – looking out into your garden with a fresh breeze blowing through your windows sounds pretty perfect to us! Getting your steps in with the comfort of your own garden room is without doubt the most convenient and practical solution, SURELY?!


6. Exercise Bike

A very popular item in the gym world, and definitely a must-have for your own gym space! A stationary exercise bike appeals to all ages, is an efficient & effective way to burn calories and helps strengthen your muscles, heart and lungs.


Do Garden Rooms Need Planning Permission?

Garden rooms typically do not require planning permission as they fall under your permitted development rights. However, where planning permission may be necessary, Green Retreats will handle the application process for you.

For more information, visit our planning permission page or the garden rooms and outbuildings page on the Planning Portal. If you’re unsure if your garden room project requires planning permission, contact our team or schedule a free design consultation.

Home Gym Ideas


Make Your Home Gym Ideas A Reality!

Whether you’re in the early stages of debating whether or not you want a gym, or you know that you want to add a home gym – we can help! You can request our free brochure here to kick-start your project and take a look at pricings and our different building models. Either way, it’s a brilliant home addition and promotes a healthier lifestyle.

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