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Home Office Ideas

Home Office Ideas 2022

8 Ideas & Top Tips for your Home Office.


At Green Retreats we’ve been helping customers create unique home offices since 2005. In that time we’ve certainly learnt a thing or two about what makes a great home office space.

Take a read through our 8 home office ideas below and be inspired for your own project!


1. Make a dedicated space

Working from home is no longer a temporary thing. Being perched on the dining table or sat on the sofa isn’t going to cut it anymore. It’s time to make a change for the better with a dedicated office space. Whether this is a quiet corner in the living room, a desk under the stairs or converting a dressing table to a desk – having a dedicated place for work will massively help your productivity.

Packup the office for your staycation


Space Creating Idea: A garden office.

If making space inside your home is a no go (no room, too loud, too many distractions) then a garden office building is an amazing home office idea. 

garden office

Guilty of bringing the office home? No more!

These buildings can not only add value to your home, they can also add value to your life by helping create the perfect work/life balance. Leaving the office behind you at the end of the day and being ‘present’ at home to focus on your family is so important – and something that’s become more difficult in recent times. 

Being detached from home means you can focus on hard days work without any distractions. Bright, fresh and with great views – a garden office building is an excellent solution to help your productivity and wellbeing. 



2. Add Plants

Studies have shown that plants help keep the air clean and fresh in your office space, absorbing toxins and producing essential oxygen. They also help with productivity, concentration and general mood. Adding some plants to your home office is a great idea to help you happy and healthy whilst working from home.

garden studio home business setup



3. Vertical Storage

Consider adding vertical storage to your office to help reduce clutter whilst keeping your floor space clear. To hide clutter even further, choose vertical storage with doors or put items into decorative boxes so that your shelves don’t become an eyesore!



4. Light it up!

Having the right lighting helps keep you feeling awake throughout the day, as well as preventing eye strain. Natural light is best, so position yourself near a window that has blinds or shutters so you can control the intensity of the light (squinting in the bright sun is no fun!)

Desk lamps are a must for low light conditions or if you work into the evenings. Consider a dimmable option to control the light for what’s comfortable.



5. Create a Theme

Get creative with the decor of your home office and make it a space you want to spend time in. The decor should motivate you to focus and not be too distracting. Whether you have a classic style or prefer something more modern, the important thing is that you’re free to decorate it however you’d like!

garden office decor



6. White Walls

A popular home office idea is to keep the room bright and airy using white walls. White walls are uncomplicated and can make rooms feel larger, which is ideal if the space you are working with is limited. You can still add personality with decor touches and pops of colour with paintings and soft furnishings.

Home Office Ideas, White Walls with Colour Accents



7. Focal Points

To help prevent eye strain you should regularly take a break from what you are doing and look at something else. This is especially true for anyone that works on a screen. When letting your eyes take a break you should try focussing on something that is at a completely different distance to what you were just doing. Try hanging pictures on a far wall or even behind your computer screen so that you can quickly rest your eyes by looking at something else.

Interior of TGO1 home office and chill out room



8. Add Sound

Music can be a great motivator for you to get some of your best work done. Whether you need some gentle classical music to keep you focussed and drown out any background noise, or you need to turn up your most energetic playlist, the option of sound in your office is a great idea.

Home Office Idea, Add Sound



Start your Garden Office Project:

If you’ve been inspired by our home office ideas and would like to speak to someone about our garden office buildings then get in touch with a member of our Sales & Design team today!

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Our garden rooms are priced based on the internal sizes rather than the exterior footprint, making it easier for you to plan your space. The price includes base, installation and VAT so there are no (nasty) surprises when it comes to final payment!


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