How much is a garden room? And what’s included?

9th June 2024
We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions we get surrounding “How much is a garden room?” and the costs involved in a garden building project, and answered them in this one handy blog. We’ve covered every aspect so you can be confident in how much is a garden room going to cost.

If you are looking to add extra space at home then a garden room building is a great way to do it. As a home extension and home improvement product, a garden building is a substantial investment – but also offer great value for money.

Have a read of the questions and answers below to help with your own project.

Prices correct at time of publishing and are subject to change.

A garden room on a patio in the back of the garden


We are completely transparent with our prices.

You can find comprehensive breakdowns of our prices in the following easy to find places:

  • The starting price of each product and each individual size can be found on the product pages on our websites and in our brochure pack.
  • The optional extras, upgrades and running totals are listed on your free no-obligation quote. You can get a detailed quote and login to amend your design following an appointment with our Sales & Design team, either at our showrooms or during your free design consultation.


How much is a garden room?

Garden rooms start at £11,732 for our 2.4m x 2.4m Basebox model. Prices increase from here onwards based on the style and size of the building, with sizes reaching up to 30 square metres internally.

Starting at £1,180 per square meter for a spacious 4.6m x 3.6m Basebox, garden rooms offer a much more cost-effective solution compared to single-story extensions, conservatories, and loft conversions.

Between the smallest and largest sizes there are over 70 different size configurations to choose from, based on half-metre increments. 

If you are looking for a building that is larger than 30 square metres internally then you will require an annex building. Annexes comply with building regulations and as such are much more expensive in their construction. 


What is included in the price of a garden room?

Included in the price of a garden room from Green Retreats, excl. Basebox models:

  • Professional Installation
  • Concrete Mini Pile Foundations
  • Premium grade insulation in the walls, roof and floor
  • Premium quality uPVC 2.3m French or Sliding Door with insurance grade locking
  • Premium quality Lozenge Window with insurance grade locking
  • Premium Double Glazing including Pilkington K Optiwhite Toughened Glass and Swisspacer
  • Maintenance-free Cladding 
  • Maintenance-free rooftop
  • Heating
  • Internal and External Lighting
  • Internal electrics including 3 Double Sockets
  • Stylish Oak Laminate Flooring
  • Soft Sheen UV Stable Melamine Walls
  • VAT
  • Delivery within 100 miles of the Buckinghamshire Factory (HP18 0XB)

Inspiration building with garden bench

Every listed price of our buildings comes with all of the ‘essentials’ as listed above. There is also the option to upgrade and add other items either through us or retrospectively after we have installed the building. 

We can offer upgrades such as bi-fold doors, air-conditioning, underfloor heating, plastering and painting, and much more.

Many of our customers have professionally fitted bathrooms or kitchenettes added to their buildings after we have completed our installation. This is not something we can do for you, but we would be happy to discuss the project with your chosen contractor to ensure they are comfortable with the building’s structure. 



Are there any other costs to consider when adding a garden room?

or Are there any hidden costs when purchasing a garden room?

  • Electrical connection
  • Delivery 
  • Levelling
  • Landscaping
  • Potential Planning Permission fees

garden room in landscaped garden

Electrical connection:

Electrical connection from your home power source to your garden building is an unknown until you have a design consultation/quote completed, either by your chosen garden building company or by your preferred electrician. 

Green Retreats will quote for electrical connection during your free design consultation. We also have an electrical arm to our business that will carry out the work – meaning we do not sub-contract any of our work and will take full responsibility. 


Depending on where in the country you live there may be a delivery charge. We never subcontract our building work to ensure full quality control. Our delivery charges are there to cover the extra travel as well as accommodation for our teams should they need to stay overnight to complete the work. Our buildings only take between 2-5 days to install, so delivery charges are kept to a minimum.


A garden building can be installed on the ground that is level to within 200mm. We ask that all levelling if complete before your building is due to be installed, which may incur a cost from your chosen landscaping company. We do not carry out groundworks like this, only the foundations and only once the ground is level. Foundations are included in the price of your building. During your design consultation, we can help advise on what groundwork, if any, that you may need to outsource. 


We do not offer any landscaping services at present. However, we are happy to liaise and with your chosen landscaper to ensure that your garden project goes as planned. 

Potential Planning Permission costs (only if you need them)

Garden rooms generally do not require planning permission as they fall into permitted development. There are certain areas in the country that require planning permission, such as AONBs, and certain restrictions based on size and placement of the building – all of which will be clarified during your free design consultation. 

If you do need planning permission there is a cost involved. We can help take care of planning permission application on your behalf, helping to make the process easier. 



Are garden rooms good value for money?

Adding a garden room to your home is much cheaper than other forms of home extension, making them incredible value for money. 

Our garden buildings are designed for quality with a 12-year guarantee and are designed for a 30-year life. Choosing a company that use only premium grade maintenance-free materials, such as those used by Green Retreats, ensures that your garden building will be a lasting investment too. 



Do garden rooms add value to your home?

Yes they do! A quality built garden room from a reputable company is the safest way to translate the value of your building into the value of your property as a whole. Many times we have seen our garden buildings listed as a selling point for properties which have added value. Don’t just take our word for it, we spoke with property and estate agents to get their take on the value you can add to your home with a garden room…

edge building in view of house back doors

Adding a garden building to your home as a way to make extra is a highly cost-effective way to extend your home. Potential buyers may also share the same desire for extra space as you did when you had the building installed, and value the added space as part of the package.

Modern garden buildings are becoming more and more recognised, and as such, the value and benefits of having one are becoming more commonly appreciated. 



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