Insulated Garden Rooms

1st June 2024

Insulated Garden Rooms to use all year round


Looking to extra space at home that functions all-year-round? An insulated garden room is a great way to create the dream home gym, garden office or even garden bar!

A premium insulated garden building means you can use your building in the coldest winter months, as well as keep cool in the summer too.

insulated garden room


What are insulated garden rooms?

A garden room is a building that’s separate to your home that serves as an extra space to use however you need it! Premium insulated garden rooms are designed and engineered to be comfortable to use all-year-round. Building methods and materials are like those used in modern home building, meaning an insulated garden room will feel just like a room inside your house, but simply detached for total distinction and privacy.

At Green Retreats we have been pioneers in the design and manufacture of the highest quality insulated garden rooms since 2005. Our experience has allowed us to perfect our designs for optimal performance, being water-tight, dry and comfortable in any season. By being designed to use all-year-round means a quality investment to your home and life – letting you make the most of your garden even in the coldest and wettest wintery months. 



Insulated garden offices

With the popularity of working from home and hybrid working soaring, it probably comes as no surprise that one of the most popular uses for our buildings is a garden officeHaving a dedicated space to work from home in is incredibly valuable to your focus and concentration, plus, working from the dining room table just doesn’t say ‘professional’ like a dedicated home office does.

insulated garden room at night  Grey clad insulated garden room with large sliding doors

Being completely separate from the house, our insulated garden offices make for the perfect space to focus away from the distractions of home. By leaving the office behind you at the end of the day, you can really be at home in the evening and create the perfect work-life balance. 

What’s more, our insulated garden offices are manufactured to be used all-year-round meaning you can be working and earning from home all-year-round. 


Discover the heating options we offer in our insulated garden rooms →


What makes our insulated garden rooms suitable for year-round use?

Designed for any season, insulated garden rooms provide benefits in the heat and in the cold.

At a glance:

  • Sustainable rockwool insulation throughout
  • Breathable design
  • Premium double glazing
  • Premium heating options


Insulated Throughout

The walls, roof and floor of our buildings have highly engineered premium grade insulation throughout, helping to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Read more about our construction methods

insulated garden rooms


Breathable Design

Our buildings are designed from the start as extra liveable leisure spaces for people to enjoy; not at all like a typical outbuilding shed conversion. Our buildings are designed to breathe, allowing vapour to directionally pass through the walls and outside to create a dry and comfortable space. Dampness is not something you need to worry about with our insulated garden rooms. 


Premium Double Glazing

We use only premium grade double-glazing in our doors and windows for optimal thermal values. Our Pilkington K Optiwhite double-glazing is also argon filled and fitted with a Swisspacer. The doors and windows are also fitted with trickle vents, much like you would have in any modern built home. 

zoomed in shot of inspiration workshop


PVC Coated Roof

Our roofs are strong and durable. Steel panels sandwich our high-density polyurethane insulation and are topped with a PVC coating. The whole building is watertight with a slight 4degree slope on the roof to a guttering system on the back. The roof of our insulated garden rooms does not pool or hold water, with no felt in sight. 


Opening Windows and Large Doors

An opening lozenge window and 2.3m French or sliding doors are already included in the price of your building. We also offer a range of alternative optional upgrades with anything from large bi-fold doors to single fully clad options. All doors and windows are double-glazed for temperature control and can be opened wide in summer for fresh air.


Air-conditioning available

In the hottest days in summer and the coldest days in winter, even a room in your home needs a bit of extra support to keep you comfortable. Included in the price of every garden building is a wall-mounted radiator, so that’s one thing taken care of already. But if you are looking for complete climate control in the summer that benefits you in the winter too, we offer a range of air-conditioning units to suit your needs. We have underfloor heating and wall-mounted radiator options available too, giving you full thermal control of your insulated garden room. 

garden tattoo studio interior



Technical information:

We use industry-leading suppliers for our insulation materials and double-glazing to ensure our insulated garden rooms have excellent thermal retention. The floor and roof panels are packed full with the highest quality high-density polyurethane insulation. The walls are a highly engineered combination of internal melamine, a dense section of Rockwool, a breathable layer of Photonwrap and your choice of outer cladding. The doors and windows are fitted with Pilkington K™ Optiwhite double glazing, which you’ll find on almost all new build properties in the market today.

Insulation is measured in U-Values (the lower the better) and Green Retreats offer the very best in its class:

  • Glazing: U-Value 1.2
  • Walls: U-Value 0.31
  • Roof: U-Value 0.35
  • Floor: U-Value 0.23

Find out more by visiting our construction page…



Does an insulated garden room add value to my home?

You’ll be pleased to hear a garden room does add value to your home! Especially a high-quality building with insulation.

Rightmove revealed in a recent report that property listings that mentioned ‘garden office’ were up +1046% compared to 10 years ago showing an insulated garden office is a sought after home addition!

Read more about how much value a garden building can add…



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Visiting our showrooms in Buckinghamshire or Twickenham is the best next step to see the building styles, materials and options available first hand. Plus, you can try out and see just how insulated our garden rooms are, especially in our Buckinghamshire showroom garden.

Or, order our garden room brochure to find out more about our buildings and how we can help you create your dream space!

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