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Isolation Ideas: 10 Simple Ideas to Keep you Happy at Home

1st April 2020

Get more out of staying in with our 10 simple isolation ideas to keep you happy at home.


Stay at Home. 

The government has said that the single most important action we can all take in fighting coronavirus is to stay at home in order to protect the NHS and save lives.


This simple instruction has turned everyone’s lives on its head whilst we all adjust to ‘the new normal’. We all in this together; so with that in mind, we thought we would share some tips on getting more out of staying in! 


Check out our 10 Simple Ideas to Keep you Happy at Home during Isolation: 


1 | Relax


Take it slow and relax. This might seem obvious…

The important thing to remember is that there is no expectation of you right now. Whilst having more time at home is a great opportunity to achieve new and exciting things, it doesn’t mean you have to. Take that pressure away and use this extra time to focus on you – reset, recharge and relax! Time is on your side here.


2 | Fresh Air 


And on that note, what a better way to clear your mind and relax than with some fresh air. For now, the government is allowing one instance of outdoor exercise per day per person. Use it! You don’t want the four walls of your home to start to feel like a cage. Escape outside even if it’s just for a little walk around the block or to your local pond or lake. You might be surprised at what you learn about where you live – there is history almost everywhere in the UK! 

For those of you who are lucky enough to have a garden space, make the most of it! It might not feel like it, but it is officially Spring! Start planning to open your garden again and extend your home space by using your outside space.

This might be something we can help with, with the addition of a garden room. 


3 | Talk to Someone

We’re all in this together. Whilst we can’t physically meet with friends and family, we can still reach out and support each other with regular telephone calls or video chats. Make time for them, like you would planning a dinner date with a friend or a trip to the pub – put a decent amount of time to one side, get comfortable and have a proper catch-up.

Go traditional with a normal phone call, or go modern with a virtual pub quiz online. 


4 | Write a diary


As odd as it feels and sounds, we are living through a major historical event. Keeping a diary is a great way to record what’s happening for you or for future generations to look back on. Keeping a diary is a great idea for children too, so they can look back one day and perhaps remember what it was like when their parents were at home all day to play with them and when school was cancelled. 

Writing a diary can also help encourage you to do more with your day, if that’s something you want to do! It can reinforce good habits (like regular exercise) and discourages some of the bad ones (like sitting around all day eating your cupboards bare!). 

Why not try to go modern with a blog of vlog and take time to learn editing skills? 


5 | Catch-up


What we mean by this is to simply catch up with yourself. Check-in, take stock and just make sure you are all good! A good way to clear your mind and “check-in” is to make a list of the things that are on your mind with a view to slowly work through anything you can. 

Alternatively, catch-up with tasks and jobs you have been meaning to get ’round to for ages. Sort out the photos from your holidays, organise your sock drawer or simply catch-up on the latest season of that series you love! 

Whatever it is that you have to catch-up with, now is a great time to do it.


6 | Take up a hobby


Time is in our favour at the moment with the current isolation measures in place. Take this opportunity to get back to the basics with some classics, like painting, crafting, drawing, sewing (any clothes you could repair?), knitting, music, or gardening. 

Perhaps you had a hobby when you were younger and you have remnants of that still kicking around in the loft – dust them off and get back to it! 

If there are children in your household, why not impart your hobby wisdom onto them! Teaching children a new skill that they would generally not learn at school is a great way to make the most of the precious time together. 


7 | Exercise


Indoor or outdoor exercise at home is a great way to stay busy and keep fit. There is a range of indoor workouts available online that don’t require any equipment at all – just clear a bit of space and you are good to go!

Many fitness companies are making the switch to offer free online tutorials and lessons as a way to support people during this crisis. Sign up to a free trial period, as many as you can, and see what takes your fancy! Be sure to cancel your subscription for anything that didn’t work for you. 


8 | Meditate or Mindfulness

composite black garden building with bi folding doors

Meditation and mindfulness have been hot topics for some time now. All you need is a quiet space – which we appreciate is not easy if you have a big population in your household at the moment! – and a couple of minutes to spare – now that’s a bit easier. 

Meditation and mindfulness are therapeutics techniques to focus completely on you, and to block everything else out. These techniques help you to stay calm and relax. If you have never done it before, we would highly recommend giving it a go and see if you feel the difference! 

Check out the Headspace website or app for a free introduction. 


9 | Learn something


It would be such a ‘good news’ story to hear how people made the most of the current situation to come out better on the other side. Using the extra time to learn a skill would be a great way to do that! 

There are so many simple and fun ways to learn, especially with online resources and classes to help guide you along. Think outside the box with some online language classes, or learn to edit videos ready for when we can start to travel abroad again. 


10 | Get the house & garden sorted


Think of your home as your nest and not your cage. Make sure your home is somewhere that you want to be right now by clearing away the clutter and getting things organised. It is Spring, after all, so now is a good time for a Spring clean! 

Top tip: The easiest way to enjoy getting your home organised is to start by making some lists, room by room, of what you want to achieve (thank you, Mrs Hinch, for this inspiration!) You will feel a great sense of achievement by ticking things off your list to the point when it is all completely done!

It is nearly time to open up your home into your garden! With the weather due to start taking a turn for the better, now is the perfect time to get planning your garden goals for 2020. 


Looking through bi-folds in a kitchen to a garden room

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