Landfill Free

20th February 2017

Did you know…

Green Retreats is 100% Landfill Free


Since early 2016 we have managed to be completely landfill free with our waste. Being landfill free is just one of the ways we care for our environment and create the perfect eco garden room.

To be 100% landfill free takes a lot of dedication and organisation from our teams here at the factory & offices. We have managed to be completely landfill free for the past 18 months – we are awesome at recycling so there is no stopping us now!

garden room office

♺ landfill free – how we do it:

Cardboard: Cardboard is flattened, sorted & bailed at our factory where it is then taken to be made into more cardboard boxes.

Paper: Our paper is again sorted and collected to be made back into paper

Plastic: We clean and sort all plastics, from large scale materials used in construction down to the milk cartons used for our many cups of tea, to be recycled back into – you guessed it – more plastic!

Wood: Our wood waste is chipped and then made into bio-fuel. 

Plasterboard: It is a legal requirement that everyone responsibly recycles their plasterboard – so of course, we do this too.

General Waste: Our general waste is incinerated and the energy created is covered to power which is supplied to residents of the nearby Quainton Village. 

garden room decking

We really do care for our environment
…and it is important for us that we work with people who feel the same way.

We work with some of the best ‘second-life’ and certified sustainable companies in the UK. But we don’t just choose out suppliers because they are good for the environment, we choose them because they have the greatest products available in the market – helping us to create the best quality garden rooms around. The bulk of our waste is recycled with Bucks Recycling who also operate from Westcott Venture Park. Sharing the same site as our main recycling company means less fuel in transporting our waste


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care for the environment to
create eco garden rooms…

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