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Staycation Guide 2020 | Lockdown Edition

6th May 2020

Bank Holiday weekends are generally a popular time to jet off for a long weekend break. But 2020 has different plans, exciting plans! Do something different this year and start planning your perfect Staycation! 


Stay at Home

Staying at home as a part of government lockdown has allowed a lot of us to get creative with how we spend our time. We are now coming into the warmer summer months too, offering up a whole new world of opportunity and with it a fresh outlook. 

The Benefits of a Staycation
  • Save Money
  • Save the Environment
  • Follow Government Guidelines
  • Have Some Fun
You deserve a holiday

Stay at home has been a simple enough instruction, and whilst it is 100% necessary, it has not been easy. We aren’t going to dwell on any negatives here, but we’re just saying – we all deserve a holiday. 

Let’s be positive to choose to have a Staycation this year. We know there is little other option, but you could choose not to even do that, and what a shame that would be! Because with the research we’ve done, a Staycation seems like the R&R we all need. 


Staycation Guide 2020 | Stay at Home Edition

We listed the essential ingredients of any holiday, and have adapted them to make the Staycation Guide 2020 | Stay at Home Edition. If you try them this bank holiday weekend, like we are, let us know how you get on!



Packup the office for your staycation

Packing for a holiday can either be a source of great pleasure or dread. Some people make packing for their holiday part of the whole experience, whilst others get it done the night before quickly to just get it over with. 

Packing for a Staycation is different. What we mean by packing, is to pack away the laptop, desk, school books and everything else that is ‘work’ like in your home during this lockdown. Clearing those reminders away for your Staycation will help create the feeling of relaxation, the key ingredient for a holiday. 



(not actually travel, of course)

The travel in your Staycation could be handled in a couple of different ways. 

Relocate in-house | You could relocate yourselves to a different part of your home for a couple of days e.g. camping in the garden, or sleeping bags in the living room. Move furniture around and create new spaces that the whole family will enjoy. Transform your dining room or spare bedroom into a temporary home cinema, or take the indoors outside and relax in the garden in full comfort. For our customers with garden rooms, this is easy!

Adventure | Go for a walk in a different direction. We read a tip online and the simplicity of it really made us think. Like most of you, we have been making more of the great outdoors to make sure we are getting enough exercise and fresh air. But we always walk the same way, even as soon as we leave the front door! Try going to the opposite direction for a change and get a bit lost! You might discover something new about where you live that makes you love it even more. 


Get Outside & Enjoy the Weather

summer garden room

This coming weekend is a bank holiday, and the weather is set to be pretty wonderful (for the most part anyway!)  

Being outside in the sun is good for us. Our bodies create essential Vitamin D when we are exposed to sunlight, which is particularly important for children for bone development. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, move outdoors for the day and enjoy! Remember to seek shade during the harsh mid-day sun hours of course! And if you don’t have a garden, make good use of your daily exercise and plan a route to walk that has good sun and shade balance to make sure you get your fill too. 


Sleep & Rest

Catching up on sleep is an important part of resting during a holiday. Naps in the afternoon sun are a firm favourite. If you have a garden or balcony and don’t have a lounger, we suggest getting the comfiest soft furnishings from your home and creating a luxury day-bed lounger of your own. 

Where you sleep in the evenings can be a great way to distinguish your Staycation from a normal day at home. Try some garden glamping, make a den in the living room or just move your bedroom about a bit! The oddness of the environment will be a welcome change and probably a good laugh.



Holiday Food at Home

The holiday essential, food – and lots of it! Going on holiday normally opens our eyes, and our bellies, to new and exciting cuisine. Feasting on all of the little luxuries you most enjoy whenever you like is freeing. And, because it is only during our holiday you can give yourself a break about your fitness regime – if what you fancy is not a big bowl of salad. 

With more time on our hands during our Staycation we can create feasts that take longer to prepare. Go all out with grazing boards, courses, desserts – whatever you want! After all, you’re on holiday!

Here are some recipes to get you in the holiday mood… 



garden bar with drinks optics

What holiday would be complete without your favourite tipple! With nowhere to drive to by staying at home, you can enjoy a couple of drinks and relax. If you fancy it, why not try out a new cocktail recipe? Or some trending Quanrantinis



relaxing bath with candle

Either before or during your holiday, you might have a little spa treatment just to make you feel at your very best. Simple relaxing spa-type treatments can be done at home, including some easy ideas like face masks, manicures and foot spas. This can be great fun if you rope a few members of the household into joining you! And if not, then a simple long bubble bath and closing your eyes will do the trick.



Maybe you are more of the active type of a holiday; participating in activities and excursions.

holiday themed garden games room

You can set the itinerary for your Staycation to include everything you enjoy most. We have come up with some of our favourite ideas to get you inspired:


This could be sports or board or digital. Playing games with your family is a great way to bond and create lasting memories. We have seen some great Home Edition Olympics trending online which include multiple events; like a good old fashioned egg and spoon race!


Quizzes have really been the saviour of evening entertainment for households around the UK during the lockdown. With so many online pub quizzes to take part in, you will have enough choice to keep you busy! There are even options for specialist rounds, pick one that suits your interests and flex your knowledge!

Film Night

Many holiday destinations have film nights available; some even under the stars! Make an event of it and plan ahead. Prepare some snacks (popcorn, of course, is a classic!) and set up the furniture right so everyone has a good and comfortable view. We have seen some families even print tickets out for that week’s screening to help get everyone in the mood!

A new film, old film, a favourite film or even a movie marathon – it’s the preparation and attention to detail with a film night that will make it a memorable part of your staycation. 

Garden Picnic | Carpet Picnic

Throw down a blanket and tuck in! Either prepare in advance or use up what you have available and create a picnic in the comfort of your home. Traditional picnic foods will bring back the nostalgia of childhood holidays. Alternatively, go modern with a specialist variation of picnic foods of your own invention. However you do it, it has to be awkwardly eaten on the floor – nothing else will do. 


Making Space

Spending time so much time at home without getting a bit sick of it is tricky, especially during holiday seasons.

Many of us have taken to some minor home improvements to keep us busy and make our homes a more enjoyable place to be. With the money we are saving on holidays abroad, we can invest in our homes and home lives. The benefits of this home improvement time will be ones that last for years to come. The Staycation might be something you choose to do more often!

Staycation Home Improvements with a Garden Room

With that in mind, we have received record numbers of enquiries from customers looking for garden room buildings during the current pandemic. Our garden buildings make for a highly versatile extra space solution, that can be used for absolutely anything you can think of! The creative thinkers are in full swing during the lockdown, with plans for Gin Palaces and Garden Bars being particularly topical! But garden offices still remain the star focus. With a vast number of people working from home for the foreseeable future, making space is more at home than ever before.

Get in touch if you think a garden building would help solve a space issue in your home; for work or play!


For more inspiration, take a look at our videos!

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