London Garden Rooms: Create More Space In The City!

29th August 2023

How London garden rooms save you time, space & money

Living in one of the UK’s most densely populated cities means the struggle for space is real!


London garden rooms offer much-needed space for those living in the capital, opening your home to endless possibilities. Whether you need additional storage space or a quiet home office, our garden rooms can make a big difference!

garden room office for hybrid working

Top 4 benefits of a London Garden Room

1. Save Money with London Garden Rooms

Living in London is expensive; this is no secret. With inflation increasing yearly, all our daily activities are becoming costly. Whether you’re grabbing coffee on your lunch break or getting the tube to the office, our workdays are becoming dearer. London garden rooms can reduce your monthly outgoings in a way you never thought.

A dedicated space to operate from provides the ultimate work-from-home experience, eliminating daily travel fares. Need a coffee to get you through the day? Why not kit out your London garden room office with a coffee machine? Check out our garden room ideas blog to give you some inspiration.

2. The 10 Second Commute!

A significant benefit of London garden rooms is the time you save on your daily commute. On average, we spend a staggering 65 minutes a day travelling to work. Because of this, we wake up earlier and get home later because of gridlocked roads and bustling train lines. But there is an alternative! With your very own garden room, your commute is only 10 seconds.

Reclaim precious hours of your week to indulge in hobbies, spend time with loved ones, or even sneak on one more episode on Netflix before bed. Whatever you choose to do with it, you’ll always have the time to do it with a garden room.

garden office shed

3. Save Space with Small Garden Rooms

London garden rooms prove to be a practical space-saving method, which has become ever more important in the city. According to the office for national statistics, “Gardens in London are 26% smaller than the national average…The median garden size for a house in London is 140 square metres.” The good news is our garden building sizes range starts at 2m x 2m! Our buildings can be the perfect London garden rooms for your property, no matter what space you’re working with.

Our customers have used their small garden rooms in creative, space-saving ways, such as workshops, office spaces and gyms, all with additional storage rooms. Why not browse our gallery to see how Green Retreats use their garden rooms to save space!

4. Don’t move, improve!

A highly effective, cost-saving alternative to leaving the home you love


While we outgrow our beloved properties with growing families or budding home businesses, there’s a better solution to moving from the house you turned into a home. For this very reason, we’re seeing the increasing popularity of London garden rooms. Our luxury garden buildings prove to be an innovative alternative to potentially costly home extensions. Green Retreats transparent pricing clarifies what you’re getting, avoiding unwanted surprises.

Did you know? Installing garden rooms are a smart investment, increasing your property value anywhere between 5%-15%!


luxury garden room at the back of a London home

Come Visit Our London Garden Rooms Showroom

Our Twickenham showroom is the home of London Garden Rooms. Specially designed to provide customers with an exceptional experience, our luxury showroom features three of our most stunning buildings, including our renowned garden rooms. In addition to our popular products, visitors can enjoy an exclusive virtual reality experience where they can design their bespoke garden room. Our showroom is the perfect destination for those seeking inspiration and practical solutions for their outdoor living spaces in London.

Additionally, our Buckinghamshire showroom has 19 stunning garden rooms on display if you want to see our full Green Retreats range in person.

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