How to Create a Multi-Purpose Garden Room

Create a Multi-Purpose Garden Room


Having a garden room is a great way to create extra space at home, but what happens when you need more than just one extra space? 

Garden room buildings are so versatile that they can easily be transformed into the perfect multi-purpose spaces. With ample light, privacy and premium insulation, the options for how you can use your garden room are practically limitless!

Getting creative and carefully planning your new space is the best way to ensure you make the most of it.

multi purpose garden rooms

Create a garden office with a cinema room, a guest room with a bathroom, or a gym with a lounge – the possibilities are endless!


How to create a multi-purpose garden room:

Garden rooms are the perfect blank canvas spaces to transform into anything you need. Because these buildings are so versatile, there’s no reason why your garden room can’t be a dual-purpose or multi-purpose space! Through the use of clever interior design and furnishing or by using our partition walls, you can easily transform your building into a highly practical multi-functional space.



Option 1: Split It Up with Partition Walls

As part of our range of optional upgrades, we offer a partition wall system. These partition walls can create completely separate rooms inside your garden room. We will design the layout of the partition walls to suit your needs, which can range from simple straight divisions to creating a corner cut off or cupboard.

Partition Wall Options


Separate for Storage:

Our partition walls are particularly popular with customers who are creating a storage area or built in cupboard as part of their garden room. This is a great idea for getting rid of your typical garden shed in place of insulated and secure storage, keeping unsightly garden tools and furniture out of the way from the main purpose of your building. 


Separate for Privacy:

Having separate rooms inside your garden room are also great for privacy. If you are using your room as a two-person office and you would find working together in the same room distracting, then a partition wall means you can focus on your work without losing focus. Another great privacy example is creating a small bathroom or shower space in your garden room – ideal for garden gyms or guest spaces.

bathroom space inside a garden room


Separate for Use:

Creating two distinct and separate spaces inside your garden room is a great way to create a multi-purpose space, such a as a gym on one side and an office on the other. This customer (below) has created a hair salon with a separate therapy room:

Garden Hair Salon with Partition Walls



Door options for Partition Walls

Depending on how separate you want your partitioned areas to be, you can choose to have the spaces linked by an internal door or have it only accessible through a separate external door – or both!


Internal Doors:

Adding an internal door to your partition wall is a great way to keep the partitioned space more inclusive to the main “living space”. Internal doors allow you to quickly and easily access the second space, ideal for bathrooms or built-in storage cupboards.

This garden room (below) uses partition walls and an internal door to make two separate spaces with easy access.

internal door to guest bedroom


External Doors:

External doors are perfect for creating and accessing spaces that you want completely isolated, such as a storage/shed section and the main living space.

Take a look at how this customer (below) has used partition walls and an external door to create an outside storage space discreetly designed inside their total garden room footprint: 

shed storage space in a garden room



Option 2: Get Functional with Furniture

Creating a multi-functional garden room can also be achieved through clever furniture placement and room design; without the need for partition walls at all!

Using large items like sofas or bookcases to create room divisions is a simple and cost-effective way to create a distinctly dual-purpose space. Floor rugs are another great way to group areas of furniture together and create zones all whilst making the space most cosy. 

multi-purpose garden room

Something like the Ikea Kallax room divider and storage combo is a very popular option that works great at creating distinct space in an open-plan environment.



Multi-purpose Garden Room Ideas


Home Beauty Business and Gym

Thanks to some secretly placed external doors and a partition wall this customers garden room acts as a business and gym space allowing her to work, and work out from home! The placement of the doors on the end of the building keeps the design looking balanced and her clients never knowing the room is multi-functional.


Garden Office and Spare Room

This garden office doubles up as a weekend guest retreat with the clever use of furniture. The sofa is ideal for informal meetings or hosting clients and easily folds down into a bed for guests to get a restful night zzz! Plus, a partition wall hides away a great guest bathroom.

Garden Gym and Games Room

Creating space for all the family to enjoy doesn’t need to be a tricky task, our garden rooms are easily adaptable to be multi-use spaces. This customer decided to design a 5m x 4m G3, large enough to be a garden games room and gym to give all family members a space to retreat to at different times of the day.

Let’s design your multi-purpose garden room

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