Simple Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home

21st February 2020

As Spring fastly approaches, it’s time to think about planning your Spring cleaning schedule to avoid a last-minute scramble to get everything in order.

Tips For Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a popular yearly ritual carried out by homeowners to spruce up their home and to create a ‘fresh’ environment. Both satisfying and visually pleasing, we like to encourage people to grab their cleaning equipment and get stuck in.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home completely, or you want to get things back in order – Spring cleaning can be revitalising and make you feel like you’re in a completely new home. So if you’re looking for some tips to get yourself started and organised we have composed a list of Spring cleaning top tips to get you started.

Improve Air Quality

Although purifying the air in your home might not seem like a huge change, it will make a world of difference. During Spring and the lead up to Summer, pollen counts will increase significantly. So if you’re someone who suffers from allergies, or has family members who suffer from allergies, this can save you from flare-ups.

An air purifier is a simple electronic device that can be plugged in and left on to work through the day and during the night. It pulls contaminants from the air in a room and purifies it to improve air quality. We would recommend having these in each room in your home if possible, or maybe just in regularly used spaces like living rooms and bedrooms.

Add Extra Space In Your Garden

If you feel like your home is being overrun with clutter or feel like you need to add more space to your home – we have the answer. We find our products are popular during the Spring months when gardens start being used again, especially during the lead up to Summer.

With Winter out of the way and the good weather approaching, a garden cabin could be the ideal way to Spring clean your garden. During the process, our team will assess your garden space to check accessibility and obstruction. So not only are you adding valuable space to your home, but you’re also addressing your garden usability and can start the process of touching it up after talking to a professional. Whether you are after a garden office, studio or a versatile space, we have products to suit everyone.

garden room with doors open in the Spring

Our buildings are available in various designs, shapes and sizes. The buildings are customisable, creating something that suits customers, as well as their home and garden.


It’s not uncommon to hold onto stuff that isn’t necessarily needed anymore. Childhood toys, family heirlooms and pictures are all things that we treasure and like to keep safe forever. However, are you holding on to more things than that? Accidentally holding on to useless trinkets or old grubby possessions is easily done.

Because of this, we would like to encourage everyone to have a deep clean of lofts, garages and storage spaces. There is nothing more satisfying than throwing away rubbish and making space for new stuff. Be harsh with yourself, but of course, keep hold of the things that matter to you. Old clothes, broken possessions, rubbish and unwanted toys are just a few ideas of things that could be thrown away.

Apply this rule to every aspect of your home, if you haven’t used it recently, do you need it? Look at your makeup collection, is anything out of date? Look in your kitchen cupboards, is there any out of date tinned food you can get rid of? Hold on to this mindset as you go through and clear out your entire home, you will be surprised with the amount of space you can free up, and how much cleaner your home will feel.

Clean Your Windows

Through all of the bad weather – especially recently! The windows of your house are likely going to need a severe bout of TLC. Most people hire a window cleaner rather than doing it themselves as it isn’t the most pleasant job – it also doesn’t stay clean for very long during this time of year.

It usually is best to wash your windows on a cloudy, dry day. Although it might be tempting to wait for the scorching heat of summer (if we get any!) to clean your windows, they can result in streaks. The sun will dry any cleaner used onto your windows, leaving uneven spots and streaks. When it comes to window cleaning, less is not more. Be very generous with the amount of window cleaner used to get the sparkling brand new results you’re after. Find out more window cleaning tips here.

window with potted plant and sunlight

Deep Clean Carpets

Even if your carpet looks clean, they’re great at collecting dirt, grime, dust mites – and just about anything! It’s good to give them a deep clean every once in a while – and Spring cleaning is the perfect time to do so!

It’s recommended to have your carpet deep cleaned every 12 months to ensure longevity and prevent it from holding dirt and grime. You can choose to hire a professional to do this, or you can choose to do it yourself by hiring a piece of equipment like Rug Doctor. Either way, your home will be left feeling fresh, and the difference will be conspicuous.

Other Things To Do When Spring Cleaning

  • Deep clean pots & pans
  • Clean your oven
  • Get rid of bathroom grime
  • Clean out plug holes
  • Wash curtains
  • Wipe down patio and garden furniture
  • Touch up paintwork

Start Planning Your Spring Cleaning

With these top tips, you can get your Spring cleaning schedule underway. Did you like the sound of a garden room for a Spring spruce up? If so, you can get in touch by using our contact form below – we are ready to answer any of your burning questions!

Good luck with your cleaning regime, we will be busy Spring cleaning our showroom buildings! Find out more about our showroom locations here.

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