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Slidefold or Bifold Doors – What’s the Difference?

1st October 2020

At Green Retreats we offer a range of upgrade options on our garden rooms to really ‘make it yours’. As part of our door upgrade range, we have the Slidefold and Bifold door options. Both of these options look very similar but are quite different. 


A Range of Door Options

In this blog we look in-depth at the difference between our Slidefold and Bifold door options – helping you, our customer, to make the best decision for your garden room.

As part of our range of door options, we have a selection of doors available to choose from, including:

  • 2.3m French or Sliding door – already included as standard
  • Single doors – optional downgrade or optional extra
  • 2.8m French of Sliding door – optional extra
  • 3.8 French or Sliding door – optional extra
  • 2.8m Slidefold or Bifold door – optional extra
  • 3.8m Slidefold or Bifold door – optional extra

3.8m Bifold Door


“What’s the difference between slidefold or bifold doors?”

A question we get asked a lot is “what’s the difference between your slidefold or bifold doors?”

At first glance these doors look very similar, so to help make it easier to understand your options we are going to cover the difference between these two options in-depth.


Similarities between Slidefold or Bifold doors:

  • Large glazed panels
  • Panoramic views
  • Size options are the same – 2.8m or 3.8m
  • Large glazed panels stack to either side
  • Left or right opening orientation option
  • Premium quality double glazing 
  • Black or graphite colour options


Differences between Slidefold or Bifold doors:

  • uPVC frame
  • Panels slide individually to one side and then open 90 degrees to stack on the same side together
  • Interior of the door is white
  • Cheaper than bifold doors
Evening Yoga Studio Room

3.8m Slidefold Door


  • Aluminium frame
  • Panels fold as one continuous movement
  • Larger bifold doors have an entrance door panel which stays open on one side with the rest of the panels slide and fold on the opposite side
  • Interior of the door is graphite or black
Modern Insulated Garden Office

2.8m Bifold Door


The Slidefold Movement

The animation below shows how the Slidefold door opens, with each panel sliding to one side and twisting to stack together on one side.


The Bifold Movement 

The animation below shows how the Bifold door opens, where the doors slide as one continuous action to fold and stack on one side. Larger doors have the entrance door on the opposite side fully open.


Cost comparison

Slidefold doors cost around 30% – 40% cheaper than the bifold equivalent of the same size.

The simple reason for this is that uPVC is a less expensive material than aluminium. The quality as far as materials, insulation and security are exactly the same, so no compromise there!



Safety and Security

The locks and hinges on all of the doors and windows used in Green Retreats garden buildings are insurance grade quality, keeping your building and belongings safe and secure. 

safe and secure door locking


A bit about our uPVC

Our uPVC is a cut above the rest. Eco-friendly, premium quality and cost-effective.

Green Retreats uses uPVC for all of our doors and windows – except for our bifold doors.

Being a plastic-based product, uPVC in the past has not always been painted in the best light as far as sustainability goes – but this is absolutely not the case with our doors and windows.

bumble bee and garden room

Our uPVC elements are from Clear Edge, a company that manufactures using the world-leading Rehau uPVC profile which boasts excellent quality and environmental credentials. You can be sure that by choosing a uPVC door or window option with Green Retreats is a sustainable and eco-friendly decision. 



Ready to design your building?

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Please note: Our configurator is best used on a desktop or laptop device. 


– Contact a member of the design team

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For more inspiration, take a look at our videos!

Our garden rooms are priced based on the internal sizes rather than the exterior footprint, making it easier for you to plan your work space. A commercial unit from Green Retreats could end up saving you a fortune from the costs of renting a workspace alone. The price includes base, installation and VAT so there are no (nasty) surprises when it comes to final payment.

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