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Spring Activities

11th March 2020

Things to Do During Spring

With Spring just 2 weeks away, we think it’s the perfect opportunity to start thinking of fun Spring activities. Spring is the perfect time to bring the family together for fun activities and a great time to start the aptly named Spring clean. What are some Spring activities you can get up to?

Plant Something

Spring is a great time to plant some new flowers, shrubs, greenery etc. While this time of year can still be unpredictable, and the ground can still freeze, it may be a good idea to use planters. planters are the perfect option if you’re choosing to plant during the Spring. Whatever you plant will be in full bloom for the Summer too!

It’s always a good idea to plant anything that is native to your climate as they will require less care. Daffodils are a truly icon Spring flower and can tolerate damp conditions. Bring on those Spring showers! The vibrant primrose is another ideal flower for damper conditions. 

Don’t stop at flowers though, Spring is a good time to plant something a bit more edible too. Longer days and (slightly) warmer weather are a perfect combination for growing lovely fruit and vegetables. The humble beetroot for instance. It’s vibrant colour and earthy flavour is versatile and can even be used in baking. Looking to have beetroot during the summer? Plant your beetroot in March and allow for around 12 weeks for it to grow. Enjoy a delicious summer salad with the fruits of your labour! Try this delicious feta and beetroot salad.

Exterior of a garden room in a beautifully blooming garden

Try Some Easter Baking

Baking can be a fun activity which you can do alone or with the family. If you’re not afraid to make a bit of a mess in the kitchen, get the kids involved and get baking. We’ve found some amazing recipes over on BBC good food which we’ll be sharing with you. If you’re after something a bit more indulgent, look no further than this decadent triple chocolate and peanut butter layer cake. It doesn’t stop with the peanut butter frosting or chocolate ganache drip though. Make this cake even more indulgent with the addition of chocolate easter eggs to decorate. One slice of this and you’re in heaven.

Why not try something a bit more traditional for this time of year? Hot cross buns are a delicious treat for the Spring and they’re less complicated to make than you may think. Hot cross buns are also freezable, so make a big batch and save some for later. 

Fresh hot cross buns with a cup of tea

Find a Farmers Market

Farmers are a great family activity. It may not seem like something the kids would enjoy but it can be educational for them. Not only is it educational on an intellectual level but also as a way for them to become familiar with a variety of fruits and vegetables they may not have come across. Why not have the kids choose the ingredients for dinner that night and help them understand the importance of buying local produce along the way. 

Not only is buying local important for our economy but it also means that you are buying produce that is in season. Eating seasonally is important as imported produce is a strain on the environment. Transporting these goods from one country to another comes with a hefty carbon footprint. It is also healthier to eat seasonally as all ingredients are fresh and haven’t been transported in a shipping container. 

If you’re local to the Buckinghamshire area, you’re lucky enough to have Waddesdon Manor on your doorstep. Once a month, on the second Saturday of each month, the manor hosts an artisan food market which offers a variety of seasonal produce and locally sourced foods. 

Farmers marker fresh produce

The Annual Spring Clean

For some, Spring cleaning strikes fear deep within us, for others we can’t wait to declutter our homes and lives. While cleaning our homes shouldn’t just be an annual occurrence, Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to get those bits that usually get looked over. These looked over sections could be skirting boards, on top of cupboards, windows and carpets. We think it’s a good idea that for your Spring clean you hire a Rug Doctor , which can not only transform your carpets to new again but give them a deep clean, getting rid of any bacteria and dirt trapped. 

A Spring clean also allows you to go through your wardrobe and donate any old clothes you haven’t worn in a while. We feel letting go of old clothing can be quite therapeutic. You can donate your old belongings or unwanted items to foundations and charities such as the British Heart Foundation , Oxfam and The Salvation Army . Not only are you helping someone who is potentially less fortunate than your but you are also helping the environment by reducing landfill, amongst other things.

A woman carrying jumpers

Spring is a great time to get in touch with us to find out how we can help you with your garden room journey. We’d love to help you have your garden room installed before the Summer. Get in touch with us below or alternatively, you can request your free garden room brochure to browse our products from the comfort of your home. We also have two showrooms which you can visit to give you a real feel for what our products have to offer!

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