The Benefits Of Yoga

2nd October 2019

Yoga is a peaceful exercise that is becoming hugely popular due to the powerful and extensive benefits of yoga.

What Are The Benefits Of Yoga?

Whether you’re looking for a new hobby, or want to induce a healthier lifestyle – yoga has countless health benefits in regards to both physical and mental health. Even if it is already your go-to exercise, often it’s incredible benefits are not known or overlooked.

Typically, people are often off-put by taking local classes at leisure centre’s and community halls as it seems inconvenient and a hassle after a long and busy day at work.

We have compiled a list of the best health and overall benefits of increasingly taking part in yoga classes or independent yoga sessions. Whether you wake up early before work or use yoga to unwind after work – here are its top benefits.


An obvious benefit of regular yoga sessions is the improvement in flexibility. During your first class, you may not be able to touch your toes whilst your legs are still straight. However, the more classes you attend and the more moves you try out, you begin to loosen up and your flexibility increases.

Flexibility can also help improve any joint or muscular pain you may be suffering from. So in doing this, you’re also finding a natural pain relief that is also enjoyable. After a while, stances that once seemed impossible become and become a breeze thanks to improved flexibility.

Improve Your Posture

Working in an office environment often takes its toll on postures and can make you feel uncomfortable. Yoga aligns your posture and brings it to a much more natural state. As your head is the heaviest part of your body, when balanced over a levelled spine, your neck and back muscles can support it much easier.

Poor posture is a common issue that causes back, neck and other muscular or joint pain. Slumping is often done without realising and can have a huge effect on your joints and muscles. Yoga will improve your posture and continually stretch out your body.

woman planking doing yoga

Increase Your Blood Flow

Improving your blood circulation is just one way to improve your body’s overall functioning. Yoga gets the blood flowing, and the vast amount of relaxation exercises and techniques you will learn can help your body’s blood circulation. Furthermore, yoga also helps get a higher concentration of oxygen to your internal organs, helping them function more effectively. Poses like handstand, headstand and shoulder stands encourage blood flow back down towards the heart.

Found A Healthy Lifestyle

A lot of people turn to exercises like yoga and meditation to find an improved and balanced lifestyle. Regular yoga practice gets your body moving and your blood flowing – which burns calories. As a whole yoga will help you feel better in yourself, with more energy and more relaxed.

This has an impact on your mood and reactions to things, meaning you might not crave greasy junk food as much as you once did. With your body in such good balance, yoga can help you address any bad eating habits and can inspire you to be a more mindful eater.

woman cutting fruit

Sleep Better

Yoga provides a moment of relaxation and a break from the challenges and bustle thrown at you during day-to-day life. Restorative asana is a type of guided relaxation. It’s a relaxing technique that stimulates what is called the inward of the senses. This is what gives your nervous system a break and allows you to let off steam and feel relaxed.

Overall, yoga really gives you time to let your thoughts run free and enjoy some time to yourself. Regular practises induce a deeper sleep, and allow you to drift off a lot easier than you normally would. This guarantees an improved quality of life, feeling less tired and stressed – making life much more enjoyable and care-free.

Give Yourself Peace Of Mind

Yoga suppresses the constant fluctuations of your mind. It reduces the feeling of frustration, anger and fear. With stress linking to huge amounts of health problems such as alopecia, chronic headaches and insomnia – it’s crucial that you have a form of relaxation and destressing to keep yourself healthy.

Once you begin an exercise that reduces all of those feelings, you can live a healthier life. Great for stress and anxiety yoga is a fantastic coping and calming mechanism.

woman relaxing in peaceful water

Ease Pain

Suffering from chronic muscle or joint pain or illnesses like arthritis can take its toll on how you feel. Studies have found that yoga and meditation can aid in reducing pain.

Finding a natural way to relieve severe pain allows you to cut down on the amount of medication you use and feel great again. As well as this feeling less pain makes you feel happier, and more inclined to do things.

Strengthen Muscles

Strong muscles equate to a lot more than just looking nice. Strong muscles prevent health conditions like chronic back pain. When you strengthen through yoga continuously, your muscles continue to build strength as you age. Meaning you’re staying in a healthy shape that benefits you in future life, as well as now. A lot of people favour yoga when it comes to building strength, as you’re able to build muscle strength while gaining its vast other benefits.

Yoga At Home

Yoga can be carried out at home – which is what makes it so appealing. Gym equipment can be costly, so if you’re looking for an affordable and easy exercise to get you in shape whilst reaping its excessive health benefits – yoga is for you!

All you really need to get started is space. This is what most people find an issue when it comes to regularly participating in yoga. It’s likely that classes and sessions will be held somewhere in your local area, although a lot of people find this tiresome and a hassle after a busy day. This is why a huge amount of the garden pods that we install are used as yoga studios both for yoga instructors and newbies.

green retreats yoga pinaccle room

If you think yoga is something you could take great interest in, an investment into your own personal space to practice undisturbed can give you the headstart and confidence you need to really get stuck in. Our buildings have electricals and plumbings making them just like any other room in your house. With abundant space for yoga mats, music and any kind of decor you would like to personalise your garden gym – yoga studios are a great investment as one of many great gym shed ideas.

If you’re looking to go into teaching or holding your own business, rather than renting space – build your own! A permanent investment that allows you to start your own business from the comfort of your own home, whilst keeping fit and helping others also do the same.

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