The Best Unique Garden Room Ideas

22nd May 2019

Have you been thinking of a way you can bring originality into your home? Home extensions can be time consuming and disruptive, but there are other alternatives! Garden room ideas are exactly what is needed to inspire you and show the true potential of a garden building.

What Are The Best Bespoke Garden Room Ideas?

It can be a difficult task choosing what you would like to use your garden room for. But remember nothing is set in stone! The layout and design of our garden buildings allow them to be versatile and perfect for quick design switch-ups. However, we find that most of our customers already have in mind the purpose of their product. But we have decided to share with you all some of the most bespoke garden rooms for your garden building to stand out and to improve your quality of life at home!

Cinema Room

How much do you love going to the cinema? Why not bring the cinematic experience to the comfort of your own home? Cinemas are expensive, the cost of the ticket combined with food and drinks can end up equating to a small fortune!

Most also offer limitless cards which give you access to a certain amount of films each month. Although these do not cover your food and drink costs. As well as this, some are not fortunate enough to live within close proximity of a cinema. This could become costly and end up equating to more than you originally anticipated in fuel costs. A home cinema is a luxury that is rising in popularity within the world of home improvement and home design.

With various sizes available, the design options are endless. Projectors can stream and play your all-time favourite movies on the wall for a realistic cinema experience, although a TV works just as well! Ensure that you kit out your new room with some comfy chairs and a mini-fridge to really replicate the treat of visiting the cinema.

cinema garden room

Cocktail Room

If you love mixing up fantastic tasting cocktails then this could be the perfect use for you! How amazing would it be to have your own space to hold cocktail parties and to experiment with your favourite flavours. Our garden buildings are not attached to your existing home, therefore allow for the utmost privacy.

So if you’re somebody who doesn’t like making the house messy or would like designated space for you and your friends and family to enjoy yourself, we have the answer! With electrical outlets and water flow, there is nothing preventing you from creating your personal cocktail bar in your back garden!

Or if you don’t drink alcohol, mocktails taste just as delicious! Create your own space to let your imagination run wild and to create your own signature drink.

Coffee Bar

If you are somebody who has a passion for freshly brewed coffee, turn it into something bigger! Coffee bars are popular everywhere! Its rich flavour is appreciated in all corners of the world, so to construct your own coffee bar can turn your love for the taste into a passion!

With so many variations of flavours and blends, finding the way you love your favourite hot drink can take a while. Spend time brewing and creating bespoke flavours for your friends and family to enjoy in your company! Coffee bars are also great for the social aspect. If you’re a business owner, your personal bar will make meetings much more comfortable and the time will simply fly by!

Hold regular meetups with your friends and family! You can sit and chat for hours in your personalised coffee room with different scenery other than your home. Coffee bars are one of the most unique and bespoke garden room uses.

Or if you aren’t a fan of coffee, but you love a freshly brewed cup of tea, why not create your own personal tea room? Perfect for year-round afternoon tea gathering with friends and family! The perfect place to celebrate anything with your closest friends and relatives the traditional British way, over tea and a scone!

grindsmith coffee pod in leeds

Yoga Retreat

Yoga is a fantastic exercise. Stretching out and toning muscles it promotes the improvement of balance and improves your flexibility. Not only this but it is good for your mental health. Its relaxing properties work wonders for the nervous system, and can help you unwind and relax when you most need it.

So if you already partake in a yoga class, you can understand the hassle of having to get there, and then getting home when you feel all relaxed and tired. Construct your own yoga studio! Garden buildings create the perfect space for a yoga environment that allows you to carry it out from the comfort of your own home. If your friends like yoga or you want to improve fitness in your family, get them in on it and invite them round!

One of the most popular uses of our buildings is for sport and exercise uses. People become tired of trailing too and home from the gym and paying costly membership fees. Promote exercise and keeping fit and healthy in your home by taking time for hobbies like yoga, pilates and keeping fit in the gym.

Music Room

If you love listening to your records on full blast but don’t want to disturb everyone in the home, a music room gives you exactly that! Whether you enjoy composing music yourself and want space to experiment and practice, or you’re a dedicated record collector.

You can completely customise your building to suit your preferences and accommodate your need. For musicians, our acoustic pack can reduce sounds by up 45 decibels and muffle noises, making it the ideal space for practising and producing! Either way, our buildings accommodate for all kinds of hobbies whilst eliminating the need for large scale conversions and extensions.

music studio with equipment

Take A Look At Some More Of  Our Bespoke Garden Room Case Studies!

If you are still stuck on an bespoke garden room idea, or you simply want some more inspiration, visit our case studies page! Our case studies are all buildings that we have installed and some of them are extremely unique and make the perfect added home space!

For more information, please feel free to request our free brochure. Or you can book a free site survey, and a member of the team will visit you at home and assess your garden space!

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