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The Top 6 Home Gym Must Haves

If your a gym fanatic or a fitness newbie who either has or is thinking about creating a home gym, it’s important to include these home gym must haves to ensure you have the perfect gym space.

What Are The Best Home Gym Must Haves?

Creating your own gym is life-changing. Gone are the days of commuting too and from the gym after long hours at work. Find motivation to keep fit or get into shape when your own personal gym is located just a short walk away at the bottom of the garden.

We find that a lot of our clients who use our products as a home gyms enjoy having a private space for workouts and fitness regimes. Often one of the most common reasons for missing gym sessions or not signing up is pressure from other gym-goers.

For some people, public gyms can cause anxiety. A home gym provides a comfortable environment to learn and get in shape without the pressure of people watching. With so many of our buildings being used as gyms, we have composed a list of 5 things that you need in your garden gym.


Public gyms often have an excessive amount of mirrors. Normally on every single wall, they’re good for newbies who can watch themselves and ensure they’re carrying out the exercise correctly.

Using mirrors effectively can guarantee a better workout environment. Even if you are a fitness fanatic and have been doing so for years, the moment you’re given a new stretch or exercise, you may not instantly pick it up. By repeatedly imitating the stretch whilst watching yourself in the mirror, you can soon master it without any help.

Mirrors are a popular addition to design in both commercial properties and residential homes. They are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also are used in design to make space appear larger than it is. Our products come in a range of sizes, meaning that if you opt for a smaller, cosy sized garden pods, mirrors can make your space appear larger.

When paying for additional home space, you want to keep it clean and neat as possible. Walls of gyms can become marked or snagged. Mirrors are easier to clean and keep clean. More cost-effective and simpler than regularly repainting walls.

woman on exercise bike in mirror


Nothing is more motivating and pushing during exercise than your favourite songs. During gym sessions, pushing yourself is the best way to make progress.

Music is played in public gyms via speakers. Most gyms-goers normally take headphones. Whatever your favourite genre is, music will get you pumped and ready to exercise. It also acts as a distraction. Listening to your favourite songs is the best way to distract yourself from anything, this also works in the gym and allows you to really get stuck in.


Dumbbells are included in such a huge amount of exercises and stretches, it immediately justifies having to purchase them. The longest-lasting dumbbells are typically hex shaped with the rubber coating on. These are durable and are the perfect addition to any exercise.

It is best to have a range of different dumbbell weights to vary with different exercises and workouts. Accommodate to each workout and build up strength by having your own collection. Take a look here for the best dumbbell exercises.

hand holding dumbbell

Pull Up Bar

When it comes to kitting out gyms, pull up bars are often overlooked. They’re great for building up muscle strength and despite the rumours, they can be used for many other things rather than just pullups.

There are numerous gymnastic style exercises that can be done to improve strength and various other things. Pullups can assist in improving even things like your posture, which is beneficial for your health in the long-term.

Skipping Ropes

Can you remember the last time you skipped with a rope? Maybe in the school playground! Once again these fantastic exercise tools are fantastic, they’re affordable and are great for training. However, do not underestimate them! They look simple but they’re hard work.

A huge part of skipping is the positive effects it has on your coordination. Whilst skipping you focus on your feet. Even though you may not be intentionally doing this, your brain is always aware of what your feet are doing. Because of this, repeating this over and over again makes you what is described as ‘lighter’ on your feet and making you nimble – which is why boxers always skip!

orange rope


A very popular item in the gym world, and definitely a must-have for your own gym space. Very simple, but extremely effective at improving endurance and strength. They’re perfect at building quickness and explosive power.

Not only this, a plyo-box can be used for squatting and non-jumping exercises. They’re definitely a must-have for your home gym.

Create Your Gym Today!

Our products are so versatile, all of our models are perfectly suited to accommodate gym equipment. A lot of our previous work has been used as gyms and allow our customers to comfortably exercise from home. Check out this gym space!

Whether you’re in the early stages of debating whether or not you want a gym, or you know that you want to add a home gym – we can help! You can request our free brochure here to kick-start your project and take a look at pricings and our different building models. Either way, it’s a brilliant home addition and promotes a healthier lifestyle.

For more inspiration, take a look at our videos!

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