We are Green – Our Carbon Offsetting Initiatives

We are Green | Our Carbon Offsetting Initiatives

Our factory, showrooms and offices are completely carbon neutral.


Green Retreats garden room showroom with climate care certified logo

Certified by ClimateCare as a Climate Aware Company for 2022.


Since 2017 the Green Retreats factory, showrooms & offices have been completely carbon neutral.


As part of our dedication to being eco-friendly, we take careful consideration of every element of our business to ensure we are doing everything we can. Our factory, showrooms and offices are a big part of our operations. Find out below on how we keep our business green:



Solar Power

Green Retreats Head Office (which includes our factory, offices and flagship showroom) is based on Westcott Venture Park – home to one of the UK’s largest solar-powered grids. We chose the venture park to be the home of our business so that we could harness the benefits of the solar panel grid.



Carbon Offsetting

Even with the benefit of solar power, it is sometimes the case that the extra power we need will come from the normal power grid. This usage creates residual carbon emissions. 

In 2017 we calculated how much carbon we were producing as a company; including the running of our factory, showroom and offices. What we did next was offset that carbon to ensure that the company was completely carbon neutral. We review this every year and renew for any changes.

How do we do it?

To offset our carbon, we work in collaboration with Climate Care to fund environmentally positive projects around the world. For us, funding projects around the world helps us keep in mind that we all need to work together to make a positive change for the planet.



Our Positive Projects 2022

Combating Global Climate Change

Read more below about the projects we’re proud to be a part of at Green Retreats. These projects are part of our objective to make combat climate change and keep the environment green.

1. India Wind, India
Project 1:

Providing rural communities with clean energy. This wind farm in India generates renewable electricity which feeds into the grid, displacing fossil fuel energy and improving connections for rural communities.

Wind Farm Carbon Offsetting Initiative


2. Aqua Carbon: Water Purification in Kenya

Project 2:

This project helps people in rural Kenya gain access to safe water by making affordable household water filters that avoid the need to boil water. Fewer than half of Kenyans have access to safe drinking water, collecting water from open rivers, streams and other unsafe sources, leading to regular outbreaks of cholera and other water-borne diseases.


3. Burn Stoves, Kenya

Project 3:

The project manufactures and sells the market-leading Jikokoa stove, which reduces charcoal consumption by 50% and greatly diminishes the negative environmental pollution impacts of cooking.

Stove Carbon Offsetting Initiative


4. Gyapa Efficient Stoves, Ghana

Project 4:

This project supports local entrepreneurs to manufacture and distribute safe, efficient cookstoves to households in Ghana. The Gyapa stove cuts charcoal use by up to 50%, saving families money and reduces harmful smoke emissions.

green policy


Find out what else we’re doing to protect the planet

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