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What garden room is right for you?

29th May 2020

Green Retreats have been constructing the finest quality garden room buildings for our customers to make extra space at home since 2005, and not much has changed!

We keep up to date with the most modern construction methods and materials, as well as keeping up with the latest trends in style and decor.

With that in mind, we have 4 distinct styles to choose from to suit every home and garden, so you can figure out what garden room is right for you!


What garden room is right for you?

Garden Room Styles and Designs


All of our buildings are the same on the inside – just the outside that looks different!
No matter what style of building you choose, the same options and features apply. No one building is ‘better’ than the other.
If it helps, think of the interiors of our buildings like a phone and the outside design is a phone case!


– Inspiration

compact, industrial, simple, cuboid, straight lines, box-like, mid-century, subtle

leaf covered garden & inspiration building

The Inspiration garden room has the smallest external footprint vs internal space. This makes it a great choice for a building that takes up less space in the garden to leave it for more traditional uses.

The simplicity of this design also helps it blend into its surroundings. So no matter what garden room size you are looking for, the Inspiration will be a more subtle design that can blend into fence panels or into the planting of your garden.

The clean lines and simplicity of the design of this building also make it a modern choice for simplistic garden designs.

inspiration garden room

The Inspiration, due to the scaling back for materials on the outside to keep it small and compact, is our cheapest garden room building. The quality is exactly the same as the rest of the buildings from Green Retreats.

– Expression

traditional, log-cabin style, slanted roof, rustic, grand feature

expression garden room

The Expression garden room has a very traditional log cabin aesthetic. The large slanted roof overhangs on all sides, creating a grand hooded feature.

The Expression building is a perfect fit for larger gardens or gardens with traditional decor where this luxurious design would be right at home.

You can, of course, transform the standard appearance of any of our buildings to make them suit your needs and style. For example, the Expression building as standard looks very traditional, but when clad with our composite black cladding with black fascia, the whole building has a highly modern luxurious and rustic feel:

composite black garden building with bi folding doors

– Pinnacle

artistic, sharp triangular features, forward-leaning front, modern, art-deco, modern feature

pinnacle garden room

The Pinnacle is our artistic and architecturally stunning design. This building has a sharp front angle feature that leans forward at the top to make a modern feature. This building certainly stands out!

This building also comes with one unique style option in our angled feature window. This window is only made available on this building as it compliments the triangular front leaning aspect.

garden room next to a hot tub


– Edge

modern, clean lines, artistic, fully enclosed front frame, squared sides, box-like, mid-century, stylish, modern feature

garden room in big garden

The Edge building is a very modern design, with a hooded frame front (or edge!) that make a stunning feature. The roof extends squared to the front with enclosed sides and a small deck to create that front frame.

The Edge has clean lines to make a cube/squared shape that is incredibly modern. What’s more, this can be styled with black or graphite inserts to create more shadows to contour the building front to add more drama.


Garden Room Sizes

  • Every building design comes in over 70 size configurations.
  • The Inspiration design comes in our smallest size: a practical 2m x 2m size. The rest of the designs available in sizes from 2.5m x 2.5m upwards.
  • Sizes are configurable to 0.5m increments.
  • The maximum size building that we offer is a 30 square metre design, which can be anything from a 5m x 5m to a 10m x 3m.
  • The deepest building size we offer is 5m due to our construction methods.
  • The Maximum width that we offer is 10m.


Options to ‘make it yours’

Not only can you choose the size of your building, but you can also tailor it to suit your needs and style with a range of options.
We like to keep things simple and uncomplicated, which is why many of your options are available included in the price of your building. e.g. internal light style, external light style, a range of door and window styles and stylish oak laminate floor colours.

To make your building your own there is also a range of optional upgrades. Items like bi-fold doors and alternative cladding options can completely transform the appearance of any of our buildings, so get creative and think out of the box to create something that’s just yours.


Our other brands

On top of the 4 designs we have developed over the years, we also launched some other brands that also have their own designs!
At the time it made sense to have different websites and brand names, but in the future, everything will sit under the Green Retreats name – meaning we will have 8-10 designs to choose from all in one place! For now, you can see our other brands and other designs by visiting their respective websites:

or by following the navigation bar.


Start Designing

Using our online 3D design tool you can start designing your garden room today! The design tool is a simple tool to get your creative juices flowing and give you an idea of what we can create. A full design and quote can be created by visiting our showrooms or booking a design consultation with one of our no-pressure design team members.

Get in touch to discuss what garden room is right for you:

A member of our Sales & Design will be glad to help explain any details about your project, as well as help design your building with you.

For more inspiration, take a look at our videos!

Our garden rooms are priced based on the internal sizes rather than the exterior footprint, making it easier for you to plan your space. The price includes base, installation and VAT so there are no (nasty) surprises when it comes to final payment!


Building Measurements

You can get a great idea of how your new garden office will look by using the 360 degree rotating viewer.

Also compatible with mobile and tablet devices


Design Your Building

Start designing your garden room today using our online Visualiser tool. You’ll be able to choose your style, size, finishes and get an accurate cost.

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