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What is a Garden Room?

At Green Retreats we’ve been installing garden room buildings since 2005.

What is a garden room? These unique buildings have soared in popularity over the years as more and more customers realise the benefits of a quality garden building. Even with the increased popularity many people still ask; what is a garden room?

what is a garden room?

Synonyms: posh shed, garden den, garden office, garden workshop, garden studio, log cabin, outbuilding.

What is a garden room?

A garden room is a stand-alone garden building, built for quality and generally finished in natural materials for a stunning addition to your home and garden. 

Garden rooms are classed as outbuildings and built to less than 2.5m in height as standard, meaning they generally don’t require planning permission.

A garden room is a unique extra space solution for your home that offers privacy and distinction to focus and relax. What’s more, they also tend to be a more cost-effective and hassle-free alternative to traditional home extension methods – such as loft conversions or conservatories.

Sizes are available in measurements from 4m² to 30m² to suit your available space and needs.

At Green Retreats, our garden rooms are built for quality to compliment your home. We use industry-leading materials and methods to create a superior quality building. The insulation, doors, window, handles and locks are of residential quality, giving you peace of mind for your comfort, health, safety and security – giving you home away from home. 

Designed for use all-year-round, our insulated garden rooms are constructed using only premium grade materials to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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What is a garden room used for?

As a stand-alone building, a garden room gives separation from the distractions of home creating a space to relax, focus and get creative. 

Garden offices, studios and gyms tend to be some of our most popular uses, but as a blank canvas, your garden room can become whatever you need it to be!

Fully insulated, with heating and double-glazing as standard, a Green Retreats garden room is ready to use all-year-round.

For leisure:

Create the perfect recreational space you have always dreamt of with a garden den, man cave, garden cinema room, home gym or games room. Keep your home free and clear and create a children’s playroom, art studio, craft workshop. 

garden bar with beer taps

For work:

Work from home with a garden office or use as a space to run your home business. Our buildings make for the perfect professional workspace environment as a garden office, garden photography studio, outdoor beauticians room, personal training fitness suite or garden sales office… the possibilities are endless. 

garden office

With a stand-alone garden building, you can create the perfect work-life balance and realise the potential of your home and garden. 

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What are garden rooms a great alternative for?

Garden rooms are a great alternative for traditional home extension methods such as: 

  • adding a conservatory
  • building an extension
  • having a loft conversion.
Benefits of a garden room over other home extension options:
  • Planning permission rarely required
  • Building control sign off not required
  • Installed in just 2-5 days
  • No hidden costs with all of the ‘essentials’ included in the price
  • Minimal disruption to your home life
  • Foundations/base installation and levelling included in the price
  • Fully installed by Green Retreats with no subcontractors
  • A unique and modern building solution
  • Cheaper and more cost-effective

What’s more, many of our customers have found that the addition of a Green Retreats garden building has added to the resale values of their homes – confirmed by their estate agents and mortgage company.  


What is the difference between a garden room and a shed?

Garden rooms are often referred to as a ‘posh shed‘. 

Even though a garden room and a garden shed are both classed as ‘outbuildings’, a garden room is generally more similar to a room in your house than it is to a shed.

difference between a garden room and shed

Fully insulated to be comfortable and dry.

Garden rooms are watertight and fully insulated with complex multi-layer breathable insulation in the walls, roof and floor of the buildings. This breathable insulation keeps the rooms dry, healthy and comfortable to use all-year-round. The doors and windows are fitted with premium Pilkington K double glazing for optimal thermal efficiency. 

Garden sheds are not constructed with a complex system for a healthy breathable insulated space and are often damp inside. 

Designed for the purpose of human comfort.

Garden rooms are designed to be “lived in” comfortably being bright, airy, insulated and safe – unlike a garden shed which has been designed for storage. 

Crafted with premium-grade materials for maintenance-free quality.

Every element of our garden rooms has been carefully selected for quality. For example, the roof is steel and epoxy resin making it completely maintenance-free compared to fiddly garden sheds, the doors and windows made with toughened glass and insurance grade locking and the cladding is slow grown pressure treated redwood which requires no treatment for structural integrity. 

Finished to perfection.

Garden rooms are a stylish addition to your garden, creating a stunning feature that is completely unique. Using a blend of natural and composite materials, our buildings have a contemporary finish that is both subtle and beautiful in the garden. The interior finishes and options have been selected to complement your home; with everything from internal lighting options to a choice of stylish oak laminate flooring. At Green Retreats we pay attention to the details that make our garden rooms a place you feel at home in.



What is the difference between a garden room and a conservatory?

Garden rooms are a fairly new entrant to the home improvement market, even with Green Retreats starting back in 2005. Conservatories have often been referred to in the past as a garden room, however, they are very different. 

garden games room

Benefits of a garden room over a conservatory:
  • Planning permission generally not required
  • Built in 2-5 days with minimal disruption to your home life
  • Detached from the home for complete privacy
  • Modern, stylish and unique alternative
  • Insulated through the roof, walls and floor to control heat loss and retention



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