Why Install An Outdoor Cinema Room?

4th July 2019

Often people who are after a cinema room will often extend their home. But how would you feel if you could have your own private outdoor cinema in the comfort of your own garden?

Installing An Outdoor Cinema

Your garden is the perfect environment for a fully functioning space that caters for an outdoor cinema room. The installation process is relatively simple, and is an alternative to costly and time-consuming home extensions.

So if you have been dreaming of a home cinema but have been debating back and forth whether it’s right for you, look no further! We have taken it upon ourselves to devise a list of the best reasons for you and your family to add a cinema to your property, so keep reading!

The Same Experience As The Cinema

Trips to the cinema are often a treat and don’t happen too often. With your own cinema, you can experience the same thing as you would at the cinema.

One of the best ways to replicate the cinematic experience is with a projector. There is no better feeling at the cinema when the lights begin to dim and the screen begins to expand ready for the film. You can replicate the oversized screen and dimming lights in a garden building. With fully functioning electrical points you can install both a projector and lighting.

Cinema is an expensive trip out, with food and drink prices being so costly, you can enjoy the same experience without even having to leave your home.

garden room at end of garden


One of the main reasons that our garden rooms are so popular for various uses is their versatility. If you know that you would like to add a cinema room to your home, it allows you to have a room that although has that main use, is multi-purpose.

For example, if you enjoy gaming, a cinema room with a tv also makes the perfect gaming room. With comfy chairs, a big tv and privacy away from the house, this is the ideal private space for a serious gaming session.

As well as this, our buildings can have partitions to break it up into sections. This means that you can have your main space as a cinema room, and then have another smaller section for something else you would like to include. In a dedicated games/cinema room, you can get yourself more into the zone. With surround sound, and high-quality imagery you can experience an immersive gaming experience like never before – undisturbed!

Be In Control

Unfortunately, at the cinema, there are numerous adverts and trailers before the film will start. Meaning that you will have to sit through half an hours worth of adverts. Not only is this a pain, but it can affect your anticipation to see a great film!

The best part of having your own outdoor cinema is that you can cut this out completely. You are in charge of the remote and streaming service. Therefore, you can skip any adverts and trailers that you don’t want to watch and only watch what you want to. Not only this, but I am sure we all know the struggle of trying our hardest to ignore our need for the toilet during the best part of the film.

Unfortunately, at the cinema, this is out of your control. You simply have to run as fast as you can and hope that you don’t miss too much of the film. Take matters into your own hands by being able to pause, rewind and fast forward your movie.

man cave in garden with bar

Design How You Want

One of the best parts about adding extra space to your home is that you’re completely in control of the decor. If you’re a fan of home decor and interior design, an outdoor cinema is the opportunity to experiment with quirky designs.

Make your outdoor cinema space as comfy as possible. With big plush chairs, maybe a sofa, and even have blankets and pillows for when you want to binge watch your favourite season.

  • G1 – A traditional style garden room, with the roof extending over the front, creating a striking hooded feature.
  • G2 – With its shallow front aspect this garden room offers the maximum internal floor area vs. exterior footprint.
  • G3 – A modern and contemporary building with sheltered side and hood. Forming a beautiful garden attribute.
  • G4 – An architecturally striking garden room with a leaning forward front hood. Fashioning a visually stunning garden building.

Enquire Today About Our Outdoor Cinema Rooms

If you think that an outdoor cinema room sounds like something that would be perfect for you, then what are you waiting for! Our garden rooms are fully insulated to ensure that they’re fit for year round use. Not only this, they include electricals and plumbing, meaning that they function just like any other room in your home.

Our garden rooms allow you to have more privacy, and are a unique way for you to add extra space to your property without costly home extensions or renovation.

To find out more please feel free to contact us or request our free brochure for more design options.

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